Dermalogica Your Skin Your Story - By Megan Kelly

My skin tells a story that Dermalogica understands

Dermalogica Your Skin Your Story - By Megan Kelly

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working with Dermalogica on an exciting new campaign and today, I am finally ready to spill the beans! As you probably know by now, I have had quite the skin journey and sometimes, I actually forget just how far my skin has come.

Admittedly, I get to work with some incredible brands by writing my blog but often, people forget that I am by no means a professional. I don’t have training in makeup, or skincare – I just simply write about the things that I like and spend a lot of time learning along the way. I am always googling, reading and watching tutorials to understand products and their uses better, but one thing I have always struggled to understand is my skin.

Skincare is so complex and as much as I try to understand what my skin needs and which products I should be using, I still find myself confused and very often I cause inflammation instead of healing. When you consider that skin is also affected by the environment, stress, and hormonal changes, let’s just say that it is easy to see why I have gotten to this point of my skincare journey, where I am frustrated with trying to understand what my skin is telling me, and then almost always getting it wrong, so I have handed my skincare woes to Dermalogica.


I was first introduced to Dermalogica last May and have since been gulping down the Dermalogica Koolaid, enjoying every new product as I discover it. For the first time, I could see progress whereby after a week, the redness and inflammation had improved significantly, and by the end of the first 6 weeks, my skin had completely transformed. I was so used to products that would offer some sort of relief for the first week or two, but by week six, we were right back to where we had started, that I sort of became despondent towards skincare and ever understanding what I needed to do, to actually have decent looking skin. Is good skin just a unicorn of the beauty world?

Introducing Face Mapping

What is Face Mapping?

A month or two ago, I went for my first official Dermalogica face mapping in anticipation for this collaboration. Now, if you’re wondering what on earth a face mapping could be, don’t stress I was also a little intimidated by the idea. Basically, face mapping is a unique skin analysis service that is only available at Dermalogica whereby one of their trained skin experts, look, touch and feel your skin to tell you what your skin needs. They divide your skin into 14 different zones, examining each one and then explain what your skin is basically trying to say. They don’t use fancy terms that nobody understands, they break it down so that you leave with a good understanding of the condition of your skin, and which products from their range can help get your skin to prime health.  They are like skin translators – they understand skin, so we don’t have to!

The results are in

I have gone my entire life thinking that I have combination skin, I am pretty sure that we all have, right? But when I went for my skin mapping session (which is completely free, by the way!), my skin therapist oohed and ahhed over my skin, felt around and got up really close before explaining to me that my skin is in fact very dehydrated. Erm, well this just got awkward, I have been treating my skin as oily-type, all these years, so no wonder my skin is so damn problematic! I also suffer with underlining congestion which is blackheads, that are deep beneath the skin. My Dermalogica skin therapist explained that the congestion would probably clear up with the use of an ultra moisturizing regime, that would first target my skin’s immediate need for hydration, and then ultimately would have a domino effect at helping improve the congestion. Putting it simply, my skin is too dry for anything to surface, thereby creating the congestion.

So instead of my typical routine of blitzing my skin with damaging spot treatments and deep pore masks that are meant to help with blackheads, I have been equipped with an entirely new approach. My Dermalogica skincare fitness plan includes products that restore moisture and hydration so that I can restore and heal my skin. My skin therapist also reminded me that although my skincare regime is perfect for me right now, my skin is constantly changing with my pregnancy, and I should expect to pop in regularly so that my skincare routine can evolve with my skin, accommodating my needs at different times.

You can try Face Mapping too, and share your skin story!

As mentioned, a complimentary Face Mapping skin analysis is available at all Dermalogica concept stores and authorised stockists. (You can find your nearest store over here). The consultation is free and only takes about 15 minutes long, but you leave with a wealth of knowledge and paper that explains exactly what your skin needs in the 14 different zones, with a list of products that they recommend. Your skin therapist will explain which products are the most important to include, how to use them and what they will do, she’ll even give you a few samples to try. Dermalogica samples are the best because they aren’t stingy with product and you get a good idea of what the product does for your skin. I urge you to call your nearest store and make an appointment right away so that you can also learn about your skin and the story it is telling. Remember, there is no jargon, no fluff and no hype, just a skin therapist interpreting your skin, so that you leave with the knowledge and understanding of what your skin is saying.

Dermalogica Your Skin Your Story - By Megan Kelly

It’s only been about 2 weeks since I have started using my new products but a lot of them are products that I had already tried in the past. Included in my regime is the Dermalogica microfoliant which I have spoken about in great detail over here and here. It’s one of their products that I have in a full size and travel size variant, and usually have a backup because I can’t be without it. One of the new products that have just been added to my regime is the Dermalogica Precleanse which quite literally melts away dirt and makeup. I love the consistency of the formula, the scent is fresh and the result is just incredible! (Keep an eye out for my Instagram demo of the Dermalogica Precleanse). Lastly, another new favourite is the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel which I only use in areas that are currently facing a breakout. The gel includes my all-time favourite skincare ingredient: tea-tree oil, which soothes the skin while you sleep, it also contains Salicylic Acid which helps to slough away pore-clogging skin cells and helps treat and prevent future breakouts.


Dermalogica Your Skin Your Story - By Megan Kelly

This year, Dermalogica is helping me understand my skin. They do skin – it’s their passion and specialty – and they believe that every face tells its own unique story, so should be treated as so. There is no all-in-one, universal, quick solution to care for your skin, it is very much a personal journey.  I am looking very forward to sharing more about my skin’s story and the Dermalogica approach to understanding skin. Over the next few months, you can look forward to learning more about Dermalogica, their product offering and how they treat skin. I will also be sharing more about my favourite products, and product demos will be available on my social media platforms, so be sure to follow both Dermalogica and me on Instagram. Get involved and start sharing your skin and your story, by using the hashtag: #myfacemystory.

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