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Me and Youth setting spray - By Megan KellyDecember saw me exploring a few new beauty products that have never been part of my beauty regime… ever. Setting sprays are relatively new to my routine, in fact, before my recent purchase from L’Oreal, I was just using the old-school trick of spraying hairspray to set my makeup, for those days that I needed my makeup to last a little longer. So now that I have delved into the world of setting sprays, I am sharing what you need to know and even giving you the inside scoop on a locally produced, cruelty-free, multi-use product which ranks as my favorite.

What is a makeup setting spray?

Makeup setting sprays are meant to help extend the lasting power of makeup. If like me, the humidity of summer gets you down and well, your makeup never seems to stick around, then you’re in luck! Besides using primers to increase the longevity of your makeup, a good setting spray is probably the answer that you’ve been searching for.

How do you use makeup setting sprays?

Just like hairspray, your makeup setting spray is the very last product of your routine. So you’ll go about your usual makeup regime; color correcting, foundation, eyeshadows, blah, blah, blah and then right when you’ve finished the look and are ready to snap a selfie, you simply shake your makeup setting spray before holding it at arm’s length and spritzing on a few pumps. Remember not to rub or blend the spray in, just leave it to dry on its own.

So, which makeup setting spray should I use?

Well, that’s simple. Me & Youth is a locally produced, cruelty-free, and multi-use product. The brand has recently had a bit of a revamp and was previously known as Beauty Fix, however, it quickly gained popularity in the SA market, so much so that they got an incredible opportunity to take the brand overseas, only to discover that the name was already taken. As heartbreaking as it must have been, they’ve relaunched the product under the new name Me & Youth and still did us proud by keeping out all the nasties and offering a product free from animal testing, alcohol, synthetic colors, fragrances, parabens, PEGs, ethanolamines, sulfates, mineral oils, and silicones.

Me and Youth setting spray - By Megan Kelly

1 Product = 3 Uses

As mentioned, Me & Youth is a versatile product that works as a primer, refiner and refresher which means that you spritz some on your skin in preparation for makeup application, and again when you’re done with applying makeup, to set it. Finally, the mist can also be used throughout the day to help hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed especially on those hot summer days.

Me & Youth has been formulated to feed the skin with a perfect pH balance of 5.5, and is, of course, suitable for all skin types. The main ingredients include rosewater, aloe vera extract, and cucumber extract – all ingredients that make for a refreshing, nourishing and mood-lifting spray. Yep, it does pack the lightest scent of rose, but not like the smell of old lady rose 😉 more like subtle, feminine notes that you’ll look forward to, whenever spritzing your face with the hydrating formula.

I, personally, loved using the product for all three functions. Spritzing some on my face just before applying foundation seems to help my foundation blend better, and spraying some just after applying my makeup, to set it, gives me a more refined look as the spray seems to make foundation look less cakey and improves the appearance of enlarged pores. With summer at its hottest (and a growing baby in my tummy) I never leave home without Me & Youth in my handbag, the fresh scent especially helps on those days when I am feeling green from morning sickness or just need to cool myself down.

I can’t go an entire review without mentioning their crisp and feminine packaging. I love every bit of it right from the white and black gift box that it comes in, to the cute origami styled package box and finally the white and black bottle. It is bold and clean – I love that! I have also been playing around with other setting sprays and found that Me & Youth seems to have the best nozzle – it sprays a light mist on your face as oppose to others, that spray chunky drops that can leave marks on your made up face.

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix (R250), be sure to visit them here. Also be lekker and support this local store by following their online platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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