StyleRush Styler - By Megan Kelly

Glamplam VS. Stylerush – which should you buy?

Quite a few years ago, I was introduced to Glampalm, a high-end straightener that offers incredible quality which rivals several well-known brands and in my books, kicks their asses in all categories! I was lucky enough to win mine in a competition hosted online by the brand, and since receiving my styler, we’ve been best buds ever since. Well, so I thought. Truth is, the price tage has always made me slighlty uncomfortable.

A few months back, a press email popped into my inbox, which happens every now and then 😉 only, unlike most spammy pressers, this one held some very important information. Glampalm had gone ahead and introduced a sister-brand called Stylerush which was said to boast the same incredible quality but for a much smaller pricetag. Immediately, I reached out to the company to find out more and thought that it’d be an interesting post to compare the two stylers in a sort of face-off. I wouldn’t usually do this with two competing brands, but considering that both of these brands are sisters, I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Now, for reference; I have used my Glampalm wide-plate styler (R2,800) for almost 3-years, we have a very special bond. I didn’t want to write this review without giving the Stylerush styler (R1,300) a proper trial, so have been using it for about 3 months.

In summary, both stylers feature a 3-meter swivel & pivot cord which means that you don’t have to worry about carpel tunnel syndrome when styling the back of your head or for people who travel, you don’t have to worry about carting around an extension for those times that hotels put plugs in the strangest of places. The 3-meter cord, in my experience, is more than enough, and allows you to move around (or dance around) easily. I also find that the thickness of the cord and 3D Design seems to prevent tangling.

Both stylers take about 45 seconds to heat up, but Stylerush simplified the heat settings by having 1 standard setting of 195 degrees, where Glampalm offers 11 customized heat settings that range from 100-200 degrees, depending on what suits your hair type.

The biggest tell that these two stylers are manufactured by the same factory is that they both offer the same innovative technology which causes almost no damage to your gorgeous locks. The use of modern ceramic technology, combined with advanced heat retention, and an array of innovative features for versatile styling combined with mineral infused plates give the perfect finish to every style.

Right from my initial unboxing, I could tell that Stylerush cut their costs with the packaging of their styler. My Glampalm came in the most exquisite silver and black box, which opened to the styler’s luxury leather heat-resistant clutch bag which housed the styler, a heat-resistant cap and two Glampalm branded sectioning clips.  Whereas the Stylerush styler came in a neat black box, with no added extras other than the heat resistant cap.

I found that the Stylerush styler, being a normal width styler, versus my wide-plate Glampalm styler, was more flexible for creating curls and varying styles. The Glampalm wide-plate styler is quicker and slides over my thick hair like silk, but I found that it is best used to straighten the hair, as opposed to creating a wide variety of styles like the Stylerush. I know that Glampalm has shown how to use the wide-plate styler to create big loose curls, but I just can’t master this look myself, but then again, I am an amateur at styling, in general.

Personally, I find myself reaching for my Glampalm styler more often than my Stylerush, simply because I like the feel of it. It’s like trying to compare a Lamborghini to a Golf. The Golf is more practical for the everyday person, but when you taste luxury like that, it’s really hard to compromise on the extras. I love the way that the Glampalm styler glides through my hair, and now that my hair is mid-length and thicker than ever (thanks, pregnancy), I do prefer the wide-plate styler for the added convenience and speed. However, that’s not to say that Stylerush doesn’t have it’s benefits too. At R1500 less than the Glampalm styler, is 2 sectioning clips and a leather heat resistant bag that much of a big deal? Probably not.

When it comes to the nitty gritty, both stylers are very much on par with each other and most importantly, they’re both offering the same innovative technology that treats the hair instead of damaging it. I can immediately tell the difference when I have styled my hair with a Glampalm / Stylerush versus other high-end brands. Other brands don’t make my hair looks as vibrant or healthy, they also don’t hold the style nearly as long as my stylers. To me, that’s what matters. So what’s the verdict? Let your budget decide. If you have thick, long hair, and have the budget, then treat yo’self and get the Glampalm wide-plate styler. However, if you’re looking for a high-end styler boasting phenomenal quality, versatile styling and still want to save a few pennies, then definitely go for the Stylerush. You are already saving R1500 AND won’t be compromising on the quality.

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  • Miriam Maulana
    Posted at 11:31h, 16 January

    I have natural hair but whenever I install that ‘bomb’weave, I am always looking for something that wont damage the hair. Human/Virgin hair costs a pretty penny and there’s nothing as heart breaking as seeing your styling tools damage it.

    This review is helpful. On my next hair tool haul I will definitely look into these.

    Thank you Megan

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 11:00h, 26 January

      Thanks lovely, glad you found this helpful!

  • Ronnae Elliott
    Posted at 10:54h, 16 January

    Awesome review, does the stylerush come in a wide plate option.

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 11:00h, 26 January

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe it does. But the versatility of the iron is great! However, I do love the wide plate iron from Glampalm because I can do my whole head in like 5 minutes!