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Noughty Haircare - By Megan Kelly

#HairGoals Achieved with Noughty Haircare

Recently, Noughty Haircare landed on my beauty desk and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the packaging is what really had me interested in trying their products. I love the light, fun and girly packaging that boasts quirky messaging, yet they still managed to get it to look sleek and professional. Kudos to their marketing team, really!

So if like me, you haven’t heard of Noughty Haircare, their Noughty truth is that their products are 97% natural and are so packed full of goodness that there is no space for nasties like petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, and silicones.  They have an extensive range of hair care and to be honest, my wishlist includes each and every one of their products. From curls, dry, damaged, and normal-type hair, there is a little Noughty for everybody!

I am sure that if you’ve been following me for any given time, you are probably so used to seeing me with dead straight hair. However, my son has curls that I’d give a left limb for! It’s weird. Growing up, I had wavy hair, my dad has waves and so does my mom, but with age, my soft curls became straighter and these days, if not styled, my hair looks wild, unmanaged and unhealthy. So I was sort of surprised to receive the Wave Hello range which promises curls and kinks that will have everyone screaming, #HAIRGOALS!

I have never tried a range that targets curly hair, but given that I am longing for more texture and less bore, I was game. The scent of all of Noughty Haircare’s products is incredibly fresh but not overpowering. Due to it not containing any nasties, you’ll notice significantly less amount of foam but it still builds up enough for a good wash. They actually recommend washing twice with the shampoo as the second time round, you’re likely to build up more lather. However, this didn’t phase me and I continued with my usual hair washing routine.

The shampoo contains avocado oil, sea kelp and Irish moss which is a super combo for keeping hair soft, moisturized and shiny. The conditioner has the same ingredients plus an extra helping of shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. That’s a whole lot of oil that surprisingly does not leave hair feeling greasy. Instead, I found my hair to be tangle free, lusciously soft and much to my liking, it didn’t feel artificially sleek and smooth. Using a natural haircare brand is something relatively new to me, but I have been meaning to do so since Julia Graf did it quite some time ago, and her results have been amazing! However, it’s not as easy finding natural haircare in South Africa as it is overseas, but now that Noughty has arrived, I am keen to give it ago.Noughty Haircare - By Megan Kelly

Lastly on my to-try list, was their Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner, which is said to help dry hair. It took me a few times to work out exactly how to use it, as every time I did, I would almost always put too much product. Now that I have mastered the Leave-in Conditioner routine, I don’t think I will ever be able to go back! You simply use a drop of the product and work it through your ends, never focusing on roots as it will just double up the oil and your ends are the ones in real need of the extra TLC. The Noughty Intensive Care Leave-in conditioner boasts a heavy dose of moisturizing goodness which includes, Sunflower seed extract, Wheat amino acids, Sweet almond, Argan oil (YASSS!) and of course, Shea butter.

Using this range has opened my eyes to the artificial and temporary results that other brands deliver in the form of nasties. The “sleek” look is usually just the result of adding a bunch of silicone to your hair, making it temporarily soft and shiny, but at the cost of the long-term result which is more damaging and of course the product builds up. Interestingly, this range is the first that I have found that I didn’t need to use Reverse Washing, and that’s simply because the conditioner doesn’t add layers of product that need removing.

The result was in fact #HairGoals. I have fallen in love with the texture and natural wave in my hair. There are days that I wake up and look like I’ve just freshly curled my hair. The funny part is that I CAN’T curl my own hair and on the occasions that someone has done it for me, my hair has been too heavy to hold the curl or it just looks really bad. But now, my hair is naturally curling on its own, and because the product is weightless, my hair holds the curl and looks freakin’ amazing (if I do say so myself.)Noughty Haircare - By Megan Kelly

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