no time for gym - By Megan Kelly

No time for gym? No problem!

no time for gym - By Megan Kelly

You might not think exercise is for you or like me, you may not always have the time to get to gym. Curves have revolutionized exercise for me and instead of me going to gym to lose weight, I go to gym to stimulate my brain, get moving and escape from the crazies of life, even if it is only for just 30 minutes each day. But there are days that I just don’t feel like going to gym or don’t have the time, and for those days, I have these quick tips to get the heart pumping.

A walk on the beach

I don’t really like walking but since moving to our new house, which is 5 minutes from the sea, I am finding beach walks my favourite way to blow off some steam and get fresh air.

Hit play and dance around

Whether your favourite music is gangster rap or hardcore rock, put the volume up, kick off your shoes and get moving!

Spring clean and reorganize

Some people find that cleaning out their house, or scrubbing their shower is just as great for the mind (and body) as a session at the gym but I find a weird sort of peace by tidying up my makeup corner and toiletry cupboards. I know, it’s weird, but it’s the one little place where everything is organisable, controlled, pretty and constantly inspires me. You don’t consciously realize it, but you do a lot of steps walking up and down, going from room to room, and if you really want a challenge, go on and attempt the kid’s rooms!

Play with your kids

Maybe it is because they’re closer to the ground, but goodness, kids run fast! Axl loves any excuse to play ball, dinosaurs and cars. He also loves hide and go seek! It’s always great spending time with family so I can’t think of a better way to get the heart rate up!

A scary movie

HA! A little creative but a good horror movie gets my heart pumping and I am always moving back and forth, trying to hide my face from the scary bits. The nights that follow a good horror marathon are basically equivalent to a month of cardio. Yes, every time I go to the bathroom at night, someone IS in fact chasing me.

A nookie session

Enough said. Plus, the hubs won’t mind this one either.


Maybe like me you’ve never tried yoga but have always wanted to. Download the yoga app and start with a beginner’s class, right in the comfort of your home or garden… hell, maybe try it at a beach, if you like!


Plucking out weeds, planting flowers, getting some fresh air and mowing the lawn, all make for a good way of getting out and moving.

Window shopping (or just shopping)

Have you ever realized how much walking you do, when you’re on a mission to find the perfect pair of shoes? Not to mention fighting off someone for the hottest sales. That’s right ladies, here’s your excuse for a stop at the shops. If you really want a good work out, take my toddler with you!

What’s your favourite way of getting moving and raising your heart rate, when you can’t hit the gym?

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