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A little while ago, I asked you to start sharing your stories in hopes of us learning to empower one another. The world can seem ridiculously lonely, especially when the voice inside your head keeps telling you that you can’t. The #BMKBucketList is my way of taking control of my insecurities and changing my biggest “I can’t” to “I will.” But now, I’d like to chat about you and what your experience with body positivity is. Starting this conversation proves that we all have a war going on inside our heads but with a little motivation, we can roar back at the negativity and learn to love and embrace our bodies.

your-stories- By Megan KellyThis week, we’re chatting to Meg from Get Fit Happy Healthy. When I asked her why she wanted to be part of this challenge, she said, “My blog is all about which is all about my struggle to become a runner. I am currently training for my first ever marathon, which is happening in November this year. I stumbled across Megan’s blog and fell in love with the idea of promoting body positivity. I run, not to lose weight, but to be fit, happy and healthy first and foremost. I think it’s so important that we are comfortable in our own skin, that we love our bodies the way they are and that we are kind to ourselves. So I knew I just had to take part in this!

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What does body positivity mean to you?

It means being comfortable in your own skin – forget the scale, and what others expect you to look like, you are unique and your body is one of a kind – be kind to it.

Why does body positivity resonate with you and why do you feel it is important?

For most of my life I have worried and stressed about my weight. I was told I had bad genes and to watch what I ate, but somehow I ignored the critics and have kept true to myself. Surprisingly I never had an eating disorder growing up, although I have been made to feel like I need to do more about being what they perceived as “slightly overweight”.

In 2013, I started running because I thought it was bad that I weighed more than my then boyfriend (who by the way, married me any way!) – But soon after I started running I realized that what I really needed was to focus on being HEALTHY. Slowly I learnt to love my body the way it is. I love my curves (and my boobs!), I don’t run to lose weight. I run for so many other more important things. I run for my health, for my mood, it calms my stress and anxiety, I run to feel alive.

What is your favourite part of your body?

I would have to say my eyes and my long legs.

What makes you feel confident?

My husband. When I have my moments of self-doubt, my husband picks me up – he has such ambition and drive and he 100% backs me in all that I do. He often believes in me before I even do.

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans, a lipstick shade or something special that gives you the confidence to conquer?

I often feel like a little bit of eyeliner and mascara goes a long way – if I have that on, and a bit of lip gloss, I feel strong, confident and beautiful. I love the Yardley Supermoist range of lipsticks – I love all the bright colours! My two faves are Coral Sensation and Rendezvous.
On top of that, I love getting my nails done every month, I feel like if they look good, then I feel good too.meg nails - By Megan Kelly

Who is your woman-crush? (Celebrity, family member, friend, actress, etc.)

Jennifer Aniston is AMAZING. Her thoughts on body shaming really resonated with me and I love how real she is.

Who inspires you?

Another person I really love is Justine (aka @Punkystarfish) – her story of weight loss and struggle is so authentic. Like me, she is a tall gal and I love her honesty throughout her journey.

meg runs - By Megan KellyIs there anything that you wish you’d known, growing up, about self-love?

No one is going to make you happy first, you need to love you for you. Trust who you are, no matter if that’s different from the norm. You are more interesting being different and have the courage to stand tall in those differences makes you a special human being. Don’t wait till you are in your 30’s to figure that out.

Thanks Meg for sharing your answers to this week’s body confidence interview. I freakin loved learning all about your journey despite being a short-ass, myself. I also adored your last answer and feel that everyone can learn from it. Thank you, thank you , thank you for taking part! You are gorgeous! If you’d like to share your own story and answer the body positive questionnaire, then drop me a line at:editor[at]bymegankelly[dot]co[dot]za

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