New shoe smell Superbalist - By Megan Kelly

New Shoe Smell with Superbalist

New shoe smell Superbalist - By Megan Kelly

Who am I kidding, everyone loves that New Shoe Smell – right? Well, Superbalist is giving me a pretty good excuse to soak up the addictive scent of newness in some trendy kicks, with their incredible range of shoes to suit your style, personality and budget.

In a recent blog post, Superbalist identified 5 trends to follow this Winter, when it comes to fashionable shoes; Chunky Heels, Metallic Sneakers, Thigh-High Boots, Winter Heels and Lace Up Boots, all make the cut. Each trend has some incredible offerings and while I initially thought I didn’t like any of the described trends, I was proven wrong as I delved into their online store.

Instead of just picking one of my favourites from each style, I thought that I would show you a budget vs. splurge look. It was really difficult just settling on two from each trend, and I found myself wishing and hoping for a bigger wardrobe in anticipation for all these shoes I need to have.

Chunky Heel

The Chunky Heel is probably one of my favourite must-haves from this year’s trends. I have big calves, so finding boots that are comfortable can be a bit of an impossible task (which is probably why wearing boots is on my #BMKBucketList). However, these chunky heeled anklets don’t have that problem and with the heels being chunky, I don’t look like a waddling duck. Paired with jeans and a chunky knit, and you’re sorted for winter!

Metallic Sneaker

I really wasn’t sure about this trend. I mean, I like glitter as much as the next person – but on your shoes? I happened to see the Supergas (pair on the right) in store, over the weekend, and let me tell you… I am sold! The pair on the left that retails for R399 on Superbalist and comes in a few different variations that include gold, silver and black glitter.

Thigh High Boots

Just because I have given up on me ever finding a pair of Thigh High boots, that fit over these chunky thighs, doesn’t mean that I don’t love this trend. I actually think the pair on the left may work for my calves, because it a soft material (hopefully stretchy too?). The pair on the right would look gorgeous paired with a pair of faded jeans – don’t you agree?

Winter Heels

Again, I don’t see this trend working for me because I am always chasing after a toddler who despises nappy changes but I still dream of amazingly perfect platform heels that litter my wardrobe with their perfect proportions. I may never wear them, but dare I call this love at first site?

Lace-Up Boots

Oh, here we go! This is right up my alley. I am so gaga for both of these styles and think that the Baggy Heel is just drop dead gorgeous. Both of these shoes are available in other colours too, but blame my love for simple clothing that can be worn with the rest of my wardrobe. Both styles sport the chunky heel mentioned above, with an elegant touch of the lace ups. I think I will call this casual-chic.

I’d love to know which of these trends will you be rockin’ this season? Glitzy sneakers? Chunky heels? Or Drop Dead Gorgeous thigh highs? No matter your style or budget, head over to Superbalist and get your fix.

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  • Lydia
    Posted at 18:09h, 12 July

    I am having such trouble ordering from them 🙁 No address works.

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 13:11h, 15 July

      Odd, try tweeting them?