Greenlydia - By Megan Kelly

[#365BeautyTips] Greenlydia’s Makeup Bag

The twenty-fourth week of #365BeautyTips has come to an end and as promised, I have put together a round-up post which puts all the beauty tips, shared this week, in one place. The idea is to share any extra information and answer the questions that you may have asked on my social media posts. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with my 365 days of beauty challenge, then follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Okay, so I decided to switch things up, this week, and have introduced a guest series as part of #365BeautyTips. As with anything, I forced a friend to try it out before proposing that it become a regular thing. You probably hear me harping on about my one-of-a-kind friend, Lydia, who just by the way is officially an award-winning blogger (as of last week – congrats, my friend! I am SO super duper proud of you!). Anyhoo, Lydia is a travel blogger (over at Greenlydia) who doesn’t have you wishing you were rich, but offers practical travelling tips and sets off to explore destinations that you and I both can see ourselves enjoying in the very near future. I stumbled upon Greenlydia a few years ago, oddly I don’t read many travel blogs (I actually read a total of two) but hers stuck out because of her sense of humor and opinion on all things. Since then, we became Twitter friends and eventually, we exchanged numbers and now, my day pretty much isn’t complete without a voicenote from her. I asked her to share her handbag essentials, and this is what she came up with:

Want to see more of Greenlydia? Of course you do! Check her blog out here, follow her here, like her here and stalk her here.


LUSH Vanillary - By Megan Kelly

I work from home most days. But the days that I do run around, I really RUN around. I am also a hugger and I hug my employer and clients and sommer everyone. Seeing that I am already making it awkward for people, I might as well smell nice. This little pot from LUSH South Africa, called Vanillary (Solid Perfume) is what my handbag has been missing all these years. I rub a little on my wrists, neck and behind my ears (This is where I force people to inhale when I hug them) It has a very subtle vanilla scent and lasts for hours. Great to pop in your pocket too.


Blistex - By Megan Kelly
This goo from Blistex is amazing and in my opinion, it’s the only thing that actually treats fever blisters – I am one of those blessed with the herps. Winters in Joburg are dry, like English humour. It is not forgiving and if you don’t have a lip balm in your bag, I promise that sometime during the day you will find yourself licking your lips for some relief, which does nothing but make you look unstable. This has a smooth formula with a menthol element that makes you feel fresh, and most importantly it lasts so there is no need to keep reapplying.


Detol - By Megan Kelly
Looking a little bluer than the one you see on the shelf? Well, this is a Detol bottle but hospital grade sanitizer. It is VERY strong and you just need the tiniest drop. I am by no means a germaphobe, but I believe in eating with clean hands. Also, I hate being sticky. I have found that in the past few years of always having this in my bag I haven’t gotten nearly as many colds. Side note – the medical grade one that I use can be bought from most pharmacies, Bio –Chem.


Batiste Dry Shampoo - By Megan Kelly

I fly a lot, but like no, really. Want to know what airplane aircon does to one’s hair? It sucks the life out of it. You can leave one destination with a perfect head of hair. I am talking Pantene ad kind-of-hair, then get off the plane and you look like an ad for Rescue Remedy. This little wondrous tube of dry-shampoo from Batiste puts life back into your hair.  An aircon can make your hair oily but when you spray this on your roots, rub it in and flip your hair back and forth, you are good to go. I often travel with no makeup on, but I cannot travel with dirty hair. These are available in a variety of in great scents too.

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Garnier Mineral Deodrant - By Megan Kelly
Garnier’s Mineral Ultra Dry deodrant is the best antiperspirant to keep in your bag. Not because it smells the best, it’s pretty average. Not because it lasts the longest. It lasts about 8 hours, long enough I guess. But rather because it locks. At the top, there is a slide lock that stops it from going off in your handbag and that alone is the reason that I haven’t bought another brand in a year. It has a very subtle scent, and like I said it lasts pretty okay. It makes you feel fresh and fake showered and after a flight or road trip that is all you need.


Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream - By Megan Kelly
Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is one of those products you read about that has so many uses and you think to yourself “yeah sure,” but then you try a bit and you are hooked for life. I can honestly say I will use this for as long as I live. Or what you ask? EVERYTHING! The tiniest drop smooth’s dry hands and even heals (after a long day of walking) I use it to make my favourite shade of matt lipstick glossy, I use it on my nails, I use it on my cheekbones when I am traveling without makeup on to give myself a healthy glow. I use it on the odd spots. I use this for everything. From lips to heels to just sitting holding it because I love the classic packaging.

HEY! I featured this, too, in the sample test, check it out!


CATRICE Lipstick - By Megan Kelly
This lipstick from CATRICE in the shade: Into the maroon lagoon, sounds pretty porno right? This is a dark maroon shade that compliments my vampire-like complexion perfectly. I think women look amazing with minimal makeup. Sometimes all you need is the right shade of lipstick to go take over the world. For me, this beauty from CATRICE does the job. I like how it glides on and has staying power. I can devour a sandwich and still look like its freshly applied.

And that is a wrap on the last 7 days. Whoop-Whoop! Remember that I love any feedback – what have you enjoyed seeing, what would you like to see more of and perhaps if you have any suggestions, questions or products you would like me to chat more about. I really enjoyed the themed days – what themes would you like to see next?


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