Zando - By Megan Kelly

Zando partners up for the #BMKBucketList

Zando - By Megan KellyI am not always a fan of shopping. I mean, I love new clothes (who doesn’t?) but I hate having to bump elbows with people for a shirt that doesn’t even come in my size. I want to look good. No, scratch that. I want to feel good! But I will do just about anything to skip a trip to the shops. Seeing as we’re being very honest here, the last time I did proper clothes shopping was before I got married. Sjoe!

Remember that time I shared my Dark Romance with Zando’s autumn range? Well, it took really long to put that post together because I kept getting distracted by their incredible range of clothes that actually available in my size. Zando has a dedicated Plus Size range and the best part is that their clothes aren’t like every other plus size range that we’re so used to seeing, nope… their clothes are far from frumpy and ill fitted. In fact, their range just like every other item, is carefully chosen by an incredible team of buyers who know fashion and trends so that thankfully, I don’t need to try understand what’s poppin’ in the world of fashion.

Online shopping is my sort of shopping. After a long day, I make a cup of tea, curl up with a blanket and peacefully log in to my account. There’s no going through messy racks for a size that doesn’t exist, and certainly no smelly armpits. My wallet also likes that I can stick to a budget, whereas in store I am more likely to say, “oh it is only an extra hundred!” (meanwhile, all those extra hundreds add up and before long, I am eating Marmite on toast for dinner!) Yes, there are many pros to online shopping but the biggest appeal, personally, is that Zando‘s range offers clothes for every shape, size and budget! There are SO many affordable finds from local brands , who we really should be throwing all our support to. Plus, if you’re signed up to their newsletter, you get quite a few promo codes for some extra savings!

Considering my enthusiasm for Zando, I decided to reach out and tell them just how much I love their Plus Size range and see if they’d like to partner up for the #BMKBucketList. Now, I am no fashion blogger, but it just so happens that a lot of my challenges are fashion based and seeing as you loved my Dark Romance post and the latest Call It Spring, I figured it probably won’t hurt showing off everything that Zando has to offer, including a stunner plus size range.

SO, there was a little bit (read A LOT) of nerves, and some emailing back and forth, and then some more nerves but then came the email I was hoping for. Zando have agreed to partner up on the #BMKBucketList, for each season of the year! So that means you will be seeing a whole lot more from them and probably awkward modelling by yours truly.

This challenge is truly special but what’s even more encouraging is the amount of support, love and motivation I have gotten from you, the reader, and my sponsoring brands. It is not every day that I manage to sell myself and I find the role to be intimidating and hella scary, but I can’t explain to you the rush of renewed confidence I have from doing so. Just as I said before, the challenge hadn’t even begun and I already started living life out of my comfort zone (in case you’re wondering, that’s my couch!)

Thanks to Zando and their team for coming on board! I have already chosen some of my winter staples which you will be seeing more of in late July-August. Can you guess which challenge I ticked off, thanks to Zando?

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