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Mother's Day gifts - By Megan Kelly

[#365BeautyTips] Mother’s Day Wishlist

The seventeenth week of #365BeautyTips has come to an end and as promised, I have put together a round-up post which puts all the beauty tips, shared this week, in one place. The idea is to share any extra information and answer the questions that you may have asked on my social media posts. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with my 365 days of beauty challenge, then follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


(or any day) WISHLIST

Mother's Day Wishlist - By Megan Kelly


My Burberry - By Megan Kelly

So right at number one on my wishlist is the stunning fragrance from Burberry, called My Burberry. You may remember that I featured this sample in my Fragrance Sample Test, a couple of weeks back, and since then, I haven’t been able to shake the stunning scent from my mind and am adamant that some time, this year, I want to own this fragrance. Yes, it is THAT amazing! Just to be upfront, I don’t usually wear perfumes and still haven’t settled on my signature scent, but I have a feeling that this is definitely THE one. Incase you have forgetten, the scent encaptures a walk in a London garden just after the fresh summer rain with sweet, floral notes like sweet peas and citrusy notes of bergamot leading to geranium and freesia flowers. The fragrance has a lasting patchouli scent with an undeniable hint of rose. You can purchase your own at WOOLWORTHS SA for R700, or buy the gift set for R980.



CATRICE Launches - By Megan KellySo some of you may already know that in January, I decided to cut back on spending money on cosmetics but when I saw new launches from both Essence and CATRICE, I immediately pulled out those saved pennies. CATRICE has an incredible variety of products that has me itching with excitement, some of my most wanted products include:

1. Blush Artist Shading Palette

The three palettes offer three harmonious shades each to set highlights and create natural colour accents. The fine powder textures are long lasting and blend softly. There is a choice of an apricot / bronze combination, a fresh coral / berry mix and a palette with classic rose wood tones for beautifully defined facial features. R79.95

2. Eye‘Matic Eyepowder Pen

With the practical Eye‘Matic Eyepowder Pen, there’s no need for an additional brush to apply the eyeshadow. The tapered shape of the integrated sponge applicator allows a simple and accurate application – ideal for creating highlights and soft light reflections. The pen with a creamy powder texture, which is contained in the lid, is available in six colours. R69.95

3. Nude Illusion Loose Powder

The transparent, loose powder with a soft-focus effect provides all skin types with a longlasting matt effect. The micro-fine powder particles absorb excess oil and ensure a matt effect without drying out your skin. For a smooth and flawless complexion. Can also be used to set make-up. Available as a transparent powder – universally suitable for every skin type and tone. It‘s all about nude. 11 g, R96.95

4. Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Get the holiday feeling – the fine, light sand of the Caribbean, the red dunes of the Sahara and the dark sandy beaches of Guatemala: six perfectly aligned shades in warm nude and sand nuances leave nothing to be desired. The silky textures have a convincing high coverage and offer shimmering as well as matt effects that can be mixed and matched to create the desired look. R89.95

5. High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder

A baked Highlighting Powder with minerals and ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments for a radiant look. The delicate texture offers variable coverage, which can be intensified with repeated application. Can be applied as a subtle shimmer on the entire face for a fresh complexion or to accentuate the cheeks, temples and neckline. Glow look! R89.95

6. Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara

There’s a new addition to the successful Glam & Doll family. The newcomer scores points with its curved elastomer brush, which reaches each individual lash and covers it with deep-black texture in just one application. The volume formula amplifies the lashes – for effective, dramatic results. R69.95

7. Allround Contouring Palette

Modelling. The new Contouring Palette contains four creamy-matt textures and a highlighter with light-reflecting pigments for perfectly defined facial features. The two darker colours are used to shade the hollows of the face for visible reduction, while the two lighter nuances highlight the features. Pictograms on the reverse of the packaging provide tips for application. Around R69.95

8. Velvet Brow Powder Artist

Power Brows. An innovative eyebrow pen for full, defined brows. The flexible sponge applicator visibly fills in small gaps in the eyebrow arch with its velvety-soft texture while the integrated brush shapes the brows in a flash. Practical: the texture of this 2in1 product is inside the cap, which means that there’s no need to sharpen the Velvet Brow Powder Artist. Available in three colours. R69.95


Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque - By Megan Kelly

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque from when I was given a few samples from the team at Sorbet Walmer Park. I wrote a full review earlier last week, but it is pretty evident that I wouldn’t mind a full-size version to join my Sunday night routine of face masks, manis and a long hot bath. The formula is fast acting and uses activated charcoal to eliminate the impurities that causes blackheads and pimples. 10 minutes with this gem and everything is drawn to the surface. It also contains Sulfur which promotes cell turnover for brighter looking skin. Mama needs some of that pre-baby glow!

I may not have gotten this, but the kind ladies at Sorbet Walmer Park spoilt me the day before Mother’s Day and have promised me a healthy skin journey with Dermalogica by my side.


Honky Tonky by Morgan Taylor - By Megan Kelly

I figured that Mondays are for manis and with my sudden love for all things Morgan Taylor, I would have to dedicate a wishlist item to this stunning brand. I tried their polish out a few months ago, after a pedicure at Sorbet and put the incredible look and vibrancy of the polish to being typical of a salon experience: you leave with pretty nails but it’s not all about the polish, it’s probably the technician doing your nails (she seemed to have more patience than I do, when doing my own nails). However, Zando recently sent the Rocky Horror Picture Show Limited Edition Collection from Morgan Taylor and OOOOH-MY-GOSH! It IS the polish – the quality is phenomenal! I love how smooth their formula applies, the outstanding pigment that doesn’t really need a 2nd coat (but I do, out of habit) and most of all, how quickly it dries. Not to mention the wide variety of colours or how long it actually lasts on my fingers. In short, I MUST have them all and what better way to build my own collection than with these cute sets that feature 4 minis from their range. This particular set, called HONKY-TONK HONEYS is available from Zando at R249,and features everything from pretty pinks to deep and alluring purples.

You can also win your own mini-kit over here


Can I be honest? I regret choosing this week’s theme because really, I’d just be happy with a hot soak in the bath, a cup of tea and a cuddle while we watch a movie, this Mother’s Day. That’s not to say I don’t love a good wishlist!

If I just wanted a soak, it should be the best damn sort of soak right? When I posted this wishlist item, I felt the earth shake when Leigh realized I still hadn’t tried the wonders of LUSH, yep the silent judgment wasn’t all that silent! So on my wishlist is just about ANYTHING from LUSH merely because everything looks so good. I should probably consider myself lucky, being based in PE where there are no LUSH stores nearby, because quite frankly… I am pretty sure that once I have started, I won’t stop.

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Leigh is a rare sort fo magical creature with the kindest heart and yesterday, this was delivered – how lucky am I? Head on over to her blog and start creating your own LUSH wishlist, and while you’re there, congratulate her because she is 3D printing her own human, that’s right… Leigh is having a baby and I couldn’t be happier!


Massages - By Megan Kelly

So if you want to really get fancy and treat me this Mother’s Day or any day, for that matter I won’t say no to a full body massage. However, I will admit that I have taught my tiny human to rub cream on my legs and tickle my back – that’s a parenting milestones right there.


It wouldn’t be a wish list without a little love from Essence. I haven’t seen the new launches in store just yet, but am dying to get my claws on a dozen new items.

Essence launches 2016 - By Megan Kelly

1. Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara

So good, it should be forbidden! The new duo for dramatic volume without clumping. The conic fiber brush of the forbidden volume mascara creates incredibly voluminous lashes – with just one application. More and more: the “rebel” version offers even more intense, instant volume thanks to the special design of the fiber brush with alternating shorter and longer fibers. No limit! R57.95

2. Keep it Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray

Stay gorgeous! Perfectly fixed with just one spray. The light, transparent formula of the make-up fixing spray lies on the make-up like a protective layer and ensures a long-lasting finish. It has a refreshing effect, won’t weigh down the skin and is fragrance-free. R57.95

3. Shape your Face Contouring Palette

1, 2, 3 – perfect contours! This palette unites everything you need for the contouring trend. The matt bronzer visibly recedes skin areas while the matt highlighter accentuates them to make your best features stand out. The blush with a subtle shimmer adds a fresh touch. Available in one nuance. R76.95

4. 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner

Eyeshadow or eyeliner? Both! The conical shape of the mine is easy to apply as an eyeliner and can be used as an eyeshadow, too. No matter whether natural or intensive – everything is possible with the 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner. It comes in it-colours like black, nude and mauve with matt, shimmering or satin effects. Available in a total of six colours. R53.95

5. Mosaic Blush

Mix it. Three perfectly matched colours are assembled like a mosaic and mix upon application to create an individual shade. Ranging from bright coral tones to warm bronze-gold to cool rosé, there’s a blush to suit every skin type. Available in a total of four colours. R57.95

6. Eyebrow Gel Colour & Shape

Colour and shape! The new eyebrow gel perfectly forms and accentuates the brows. The gel leaves behind a pleasant, powdery finish and long-lasting results. Available in one colour that suits most eyebrows – natural brown. R57.95

7. Eyebrow Gel Colour & Shape

Colour and shape! The new eyebrow gel perfectly forms and accentuates the brows. The gel leaves behind a pleasant, powdery finish and long-lasting results. Available in one colour that suits most eyebrows – natural brown. R67.50

8. The Velvets Eyeshadow

Like velvet! With a soft, especially supple texture in colours like nude, burgundy or grey, the new velvet eyeshadows put the focus on the eyes. With a trendy, chequered embossment on the surface. Available in a total of nine colours. R38.95

9. Velvet Stick Matt Lip Colour

Go gloss or go matt! The glossy sticks provide a shiny finish while the velvet sticks offer silky-matt results. The soft texture with a high coverage comes in a practical mini-format – thanks to the large tip, application is quick and easy. They come in delicate as well as intense colours including light rosé, fuchsia and berry. Available in a total of ten colours – five glossy sticks and five velvet sticks. R38,95

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And that is a wrap on the last 7 days. Whoop-Whoop! Remember that I love any feedback – what have you enjoyed seeing, what would you like to see more of and perhaps if you have any suggestions, questions or products you would like me to chat more about. I really enjoyed the themed days – what themes would you like to see next?

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