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Terenzo Liquid Gold - By Megan Kelly

Terenzo Woos Me with his Liquid Gold

Terenzo Liquid Gold - By Megan Kelly

I’ve been having such a love affair with hair oils recently which comes as a surprise because by now, I had expected to have at least mastered my hair routine but had a rude awakening when I realized that my reversed washing wasn’t enough and that really, there is a missing link – oils! Truth is, no one likes oily hair so when you’re asking me to voluntarily add oil, it seems a little counter effective, really.

Terenzo Haircare recently sent over their appropriately named Liquid Gold and won my heart over with a silky light texture that protects my hair and has it looking radiantly smooth, shiny and in the best condition yet. It’s simply not enough to say that you NEED to start using hair oils too, so I thought I’d sum up why you will want to include this step into your own haircare routine.

Hair oils help improve the quality of your hair, making your hair feel stronger, softer and look shinier than ever before. Much to my liking, they seal the hair cuticle which protects your hair from heat styling, locking in moisture and helping prevent damage as they work as a lubricant to prevent knots and tangles even when your hair is wet!

Terenzo Haircare - By Megan Kelly

Natural is always best so when you have the option to opt for natural oils, do it. Thankfully so, Terenzo Haircare uses only the finest ingredients which include Argan oil to help nourish your hair, adding instant shine and helping to maintain control from the nasty frizz. Terenzo Haircare also uses green grape seed oil and avocado oil, in their Liquid Gold, which aims at targeting damage as it is rich in amino and fatty acids, as well as vitamins which help restore your hair and prevent further damage and breakage. All these ingredients combined gives hair a boosted shine, locks in moisture and not to mention, to-die-for softness.

I apply the Liquid Gold hair oil after every shower while my hair is still wet as I like to think that it will lock in moisture and work as a barrier. I have noticed that when my hair dries, it is a lot easier to manage and that my scalp doesn’t seem as itchy as it once did. However, I have read up on other hair oils and have found that there is a variety of methods that you can use. For instance, you can apply oil throughout your hair, and leave it overnight as a sort of hair masque. Other sites suggest steaming your hair afterwards – yes, you read that correctly – this isn’t something I am familiar with doing but will admit that I am VERY curious to try it now. Basically, after you have applied the oil, you can take a hot towel and wrap it around your hair for 10-15 minutes. Similar to a face mask being more effective after a steam, they seem to think a hair oil will work in the same way and soak in better. If you’re looking for a polished, “Kim Kardashian High-Pony” look, then try using hair oil on just the ends to create a high-gloss finish that is easy to maintain and stays in place.

When applying hair oil, it is important to remember that less is always more. Considering that the price of Terenzo’s Liquid Gold is R310, you can be thankful that the bottle will probably last around a year. Yes, you use THAT little of the product! It’s key to work the product through your hair evenly to ensure that you don’t have a single patch that is excessively oily. I use partitioning clips to section my hair before working a tiny drop through each section. Afterwards, I do a final comb-through, to ensure it distributes evenly.

Something that I have found with hair oils is that they smell incredibly good and Terenzo’s Liquid Gold is no exception to the rule. In fact, I don’t think I have tried any of their products without oohing and ahhing over how good it smells. This hair oil has the scent of  tuberose and sandalwood which is light and uplifting, matching the silky texture of the oil.

Overall, I am so happy to have discovered hair oils, in general, but Terenzo wooed me yet again with his Liquid Gold which makes hair care seem effortlessly easy.

Terenzo Professional Haircare is available in selected salons in Cape Town and Johannesburg, including Terenzo salons; Terenzo Hairdressing International in Johannesburg.

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