Simply Aloe Aloe and Honey Mask - By Megan Kelly

Simply Aloe’s Honey and Aloe Face Mask

Simply Aloe Aloe and Honey Mask - By Megan Kelly

A few weeks ago, I featured a review on Simply Aloe’s shampoo and established that the brand goes back to basics and understands that good hair begins at the root, so when they asked if I wanted to try out their new Aloe and Honey Face Mask it was a given that I was interested.

Undeniably so, Simply Aloe does an incredible job of treating your body and skin to products that nourish and revitalize while taking the guess work out of whether the ingredients are actually good for your skin.  By combining two of nature’s greatest skincare gifts; aloe and honey, they have been able to create a product that assists in preventing breakouts, slows down the aging process and all while maintaining a healthy level of moisture in the skin.

It’s a well-known fact that our skin should be exfoliated and treated to a mask at least twice a week, to ensure healthy looking skin, as your usual cleanser, toner and moisturizer aren’t quite enough to give your skin that little bit of extra TLC. Ultimately, we should be looking for a mask that can draw out impurities deep within the skin, remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores to create radiant looking skin.

Simply Aloe has taken nature’s resources and put them to good use, to create a universal solution that benefits all skin types with natural ingredients we could all do with a little more of.

Little did I know that honey isn’t just used to sweeten foods but also contains anti-bacterial qualities that prevent breakouts by unclogging the pores without removing the skin’s natural oils. Both honey and the Aloe ferox plants are natural moisturisers which are excellent for soothing blemishes, scars, sunburn and other causes of inflammation while maintaining the skin’s natural glow. If that isn’t enough to convince you, these natural ingredients also contain Vitamins C and E, which assist in reducing oxidative stress on the skin by neutralising free radicals that attack collagen strands and the structural cells within the skin.

Simply Aloe Aloe and Honey Mask - By Megan Kelly

So, you’re probably thinking – well, that sounds great, but what is the actual product like? Well, the texture is similar to after-sun, a light gel-like formula that immediately cools the skin and smoothes over with ease. To my surprise, a large amount of the product absorbs into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and more supple. I like that it actually absorbs, instead of sitting on the surface (just hanging around) as I feel that there is no wastage of the product and you can really see and feel the difference in the texture of your skin immediately after your first treatment. The scent is subtle with the lightest hint of sweetness and of course, includes no artificial colorants. The only thing that I do wish it contained was a sort of exfoliating granule but by now, you’re well aware that I love all sorts of scrubs and that perhaps a soothing balm-like mask is exactly what I need to replenish the lost moisture. I started using the mask on a weekly basis after I noticed that even the skin around my eyes was peeling from the change in season, within a week (2 uses) I noticed an incredible difference and the damage was undone, but best of all my skin wasn’t as sensitive as before and started feeling softer.

Simply Aloe’s Honey and Aloe Face Mask is available in 50 ml at R62.18 and is sold at leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide. For further information on Simply Aloe products visit and like their Facebook page.

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