Philip Kingsley Hair Care - By Megan Kelly

Philip Kingsley takes care of Bad Hair Days

Philip Kingsley Hair Care - By Megan Kelly

I was first introduced to Philip Kingsley’s range a few years ago, when I tried their travel kit which targetted volume and left my hair in a far better condition, by strengthening it. Lately, I have been trying two new products from their range; Weatherproof Hairspray and Daily Damage Defence so thought that I’d wrap the week up with a good hair day.

Weatherproof Hairspray

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray - By Megan KellyWhenever I think of hairspray, I think of strong fumes that only lead to my hair feeling sticky, “crunchy” and gross, so I tend to avoid the product altogether. But after reading about Philip Kingsley’s Weatherproof Hairspray, I was intrigued that it boasts the ability to extend the life of colour treated hair, leaving hair looking vibrant for longer. Now, my hair is HEAVY – like, if my hair had to have it’s own BMI, it would be off the charts obese, with that being said, I never curl my hair because, by the time that I finish curling my hair, the first curl is already straight. Philip Kingsley wasn’t promising extra strong hold, so I wasn’t expecting curls that last for a full day but when I did put its holding ability to the test on my (heavy) curls, it had a good hold for about 4 hrs. It’s as if their PR knew that I live in PE which at times, can be confused for the Bahamas, thanks to the humidity. With a hairspray that boasts the name Weatherproof, I figured that there wasn’t a more fitting place to test it’s holding ability, because when I straighten my hair, a little taste of humidity and poof… I become Cruella. Luckily, this formula delivered on its promise and it not only held my style and managed fly-aways but protected my vibrant red colour from fading, while leaving my locks looking shinier and healthier . Much to my liking, the hairspray didn’t make my hair sticky, didn’t pack strong aerosol fumes and at the end of the day, I was still able to put a brush through my hair and restyle it.

Daily Damage Defence

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence - By Megan KellyI don’t deny putting my hair through the wringer, whether it curling, straightening, dying or stripping, our hair really does go through a whole lot of change and with change comes damage. Thankfully, Philip Kingsley introduces a hair saviour like none other: Daily Damage Defence. Just like the Weatherproof Hairspray mentioned above, this gem offers protection from environmental wear (leading to colour fade) and of course heated styling which can cause weakness resulting in breakage and split-ends. The anti-breakage formula is applied to wet hair and thanks to the spray bottle, never sees you wasting more product than needed (probably because it’s a little bit on the pricey side- starting at R209.95 for 60ml). The spray combs through hair, ensuring that it conditions and protects hair which instantly boosts the overall health and condition of your hair, making it easier to manage and shiny smooth.

So the real question would be, is Philip Kingsley’s products worth the splurge – in my opinion, if you’re only heat styling your hair once every few days, like me, then yes by all means splurge on a remarkably good range of product that will probably last you around 8 months or so. I’ve never been disappointed by his haircare range which even features a kiddy’s shampoo that Axl (and I) love. As a little FYI, you can purchase Philip Kingsley online over here BUT Runway OFTEN has their products on a crazy sale which if you’re quick can see you grabbing some of their best products for a ridiculous price.

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