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Dove Haircare - By Megan Kelly

Dove Haircare understands my relationship with my hair

Dove Haircare - By Megan Kelly

Dove has been winning the hearts of women for years by offering a range of  beauty products that are practical and affordable, and by always encouraging women from all over the world to redefine beauty in their own unique way. There is no denying that Dove is a brand that prides itself on understanding women and delivering products that work for them.

In a recent survey, Dove revealed that unsurprisingly 80% percent of women surveyed felt that their hair affected their day to day mood. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take science to tell me that a bad hair day can rain on my parade or stop me from being the confident woman I try to be.

Dove Haircare - By Megan KellyUnilever’s Personal Care Manager, Sphelele Mjadu, says that hair is often seen as an important extension of who we are, but that we all have different relationships with our hair and like any relationship, progressing or retaining a long-term positive bond with your hair takes time, commitment and trust.

Dove understands that hair care is all about nurturing that relationship and have since relaunched their range with the aim to offer women a long term solution for hair that will help get rid of the anxiety that often comes with hair problems and its impact on their lives.

The new Dove Nutritive Solutions two-way care system gives the immediate results of hair repair (shinier, silkier and smoother hair), coupled with the long-term benefits achieved from progressive nourishment, providing healthier and more beautiful hair that gets better day after day.

There are four unique product collections within the Dove Nutritive Solutions range:

  • Intensive Repair is the best solution in the core range for damaged hair. The formulas deeply nourish and help to repair even the most damaged hair. 
  • Daily moisture protects normal hair from the daily wear and tear of life. Nourishes to make hair softer and 5x smoother.
  • Colour care is designed to provide progressive nourishment to coloured hair. Nourishes hair to keep colour vibrant for up to 10 weeks.
  • Nourishing oil care treats frizzy and unruly hair, by progressively nourishing hair at the deepest level, smoothing up to 100% of roughness and controlling frizz.

I have been using the Intensive Repair range from Dove, for the last month to see whether the product really lives up to its claims. I used the products in the traditional order and in my preferred reversed order and was surprised that either way resulted in my hair feeling and looking better, than before. If I am honest, it even seemed like my hair was more manageable or that it was actually “listening” for a change, whenever I styled it.

On the days that I was feeling super lazy and not in the mood for styling, I didn’t need to worry about trying to keep my hair in a bun as my hair still looked maintained. Surprisingly with continuous use, I still did not experience any product build-up or the feeling of my hair being weighed down. I sort of expected the opposite result, especially as the range features 2 types of conditioners (conditioner and daily treatment conditioner) as well as a hair masque. However, the results were just as Dove had promised; there were immediate results and then there were the long-term results, too.

Dove Haircare - By Megan Kelly

This range has undeniably redefined affordable hair care with a formula that has the same appearance of what I imagine unicorn tears to look like, and promising results that will keep you coming back for more. The silky white shampoo has the faintest scent of freshly cut melons that lasts throughout the day, which I am obviously an absolute fan of. Both conditioners help detangle hard to manage knots and restore moisture while repairing damage caused by styling tools or using water that is too hot (stripping your skin and hair of its natural oils). When you have a little extra time, the hair masque is an incredibly nourishing formula that leaves your hair feeling like it’s just been to the salon for some special treatment.

Something that I found so interesting about the survey results was that women are purchasing a variety of, often unnecessary, products in the hope of finding short-term solutions to their hair health. The result is that only 40% of women surveyed are currently being faithful to one particular product. I think this is why Dove is really onto something special with the formula that targets both immediate results and long-term, too. After all, most products that pack the immediate results that we’re all after, tend to build-up and leave our hair in a far worse condition and after a few months, we notice the less desired results and immediately move onto the next product.

I am about to finish my first batch of the intensive repair range but have already stocked up on their range that targets hair that has been coloured. I love the work that Dove is doing, the range fits into my existing routine without adding any extra steps or time. It also happens to be very affordable and is freely available at my favourite stores but best of all, there is finally a brand that understands the relationship that I share with my hair.

Dove Haircare - By Megan Kelly

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    This is exactly the range I am using now and I LOVE it. can see a massive difference in my hair.