Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Skincare - By Megan Kelly

Clicks Skincare Collection: Tea Tree and Cucumber Range

I am pretty sure that if coupons were as big in South Africa as they are in the US, I would be one of those annoying extreme couponers with a giant file and all. Clicks is one of the stores that really makes shopping at their store worthwhile by offering their infamous 3-for-2 specials and of course, earning reward points which amounts to a voucher at the end of each month.

After my last run in with a skincare range that didn’t work for my skin, I had been struggling with breakouts and just as I thought that I had a hold on it, I would wake up with 20 new spots. I popped into Clicks to get nappies and, as usual, found myself browsing their beauty section and caught sight of their in-house range of skincare which boasted a 3-for-2 special.

Right off the bat, their prices intrigued me and if I did my math right, I’d spend less than R80 on 2 products and get one free. Considering the condition of my skin, I figured I had nothing to lose so I started looking at what each range had to offer and then it hit me… THEY HAVE A TEA TREE RANGE!

If you’re ever doubting my love for tea tree then see these reviews here and here. I am also pretty sure that if you were to check back on some of my lust lists, you will more than likely find a few products from The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Range.

Clicks’ Skincare Collections had about 3 or 4 ranges that all target different skin conditions and feature the appropriate products. I only really looked at the tea tree range which included a facial wash, moisturizer, toner, vanishing cream and glycerine soap to be used over your entire body. I was hoping for an exfoliator in the range, but did note that the Aloe range included an exfoliator of its own. I decided to get the 3-in-1 facial wash, moisturizer and vanishing cream (which looked interesting).

Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Skincare - By Megan Kelly

Tea Tree & Cucumber 3-in-1 Face Wash

This particular range targets oil control and with Tea Tree being a healing and anti-bacterial ingredient, helps treat and prevent breakouts. The face wash is lime green in colour and gel-like in texture, with a fresh scent that isn’t the usual overpowering tea-tree smell. I assume the scent is less “pungent” thanks to the pleasant and crisp freshness of the cucumber scent. Conveniently, this face wash performs three functions in 1 quick step, by helping to wash away any excess oils, removing impurities and gently exfoliating the skin. Much to my surpise (and liking) the wash contains tiny granules that works to slough away dead skin and clean pores to prevent build-up that results in breakouts. It also boasts Active Shine Control Complex which helps mattify skin, and with such a good combo of tea tree and cucumber you can expect your skin to be soothed and left feeling clean and more importantly, clear!

Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Skincare - By Megan Kelly

Tea Tree & Cucumber Shine Control Mosturiser

This is a refreshingly light formula suitable for daily use that hydrates skin without creating excess oil or clogging pores. The Tea Tree scent is more apparent in this product, but I am a huge fan of the essential oil, so tend to like the cooling and soothing effect it has on my skin, in combination with the cucumber. The moisturiser essentially helps regulate and balance oil production working hand in hand with the Active Shine Control Complex to ensure fresh, healthy looking skin.

Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Skincare - By Megan Kelly

Tea Tree & Cucumber Vanishing Cream

Probably one of the most interesting skincare products that I have come across in a very long time and easily my favourite product of this range, would be this vanishing cream. With very little indiation of what this product is meant to do other than instantly mattify skin, I was a little worried that it would make my face vanish. Imagine my relief when I looked in the mirror and still saw my face. The cream has the lightest, mousse texture which absorbs easily into the skin and dries in an almost powder-like form. It leaves skin feeling like it has been freshly primed but looks like it has been powdered too. I had been experiencing an issue with my foundation as my pores were so enlarged that any foundation seemed to only highlight the problem area more than cover it up. After only a week of using these three products, twice a day, I credit my reduced pores to this little guy. I absolutely love watching it work and have realized that it’s vanishing claim is thanks to three stand-out qualities, one being the ability to absorb instantly into the skin, the next being the way that oil instantly vanishes and leaves your skin looking fresh and matte, and lastly the way it treats blemishes and enlarged pores.

Clicks Skincare Collection Tea Tree & Cucumber Skincare - By Megan Kelly

I highly recommend this range over and over again, especially if you’re suffering with oily skin or common breakouts. I have grown almost tired of ranges that have far too many products that you tend to forget the order that the products are meant to be used. Skincare should be simple and taking it back to natural properties like Tea Tree and Cucumber gives me the peace of mind but above that, the results really do speak for themselves and what was looking like a complicated dot-to-dot puzzle, is now fresh faced and reenergised.

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    Posted at 22:22h, 07 April

    Thanks Megan! This was super helpful, I look forward to using this range.