Simply Aloe - By Megan Kelly

Simply Aloe offers Naturally Healthy Looking Hair

Simply Aloe - By Megan Kelly

I have been harping on a lot about the seasonal shift lately, and that probably has something to do with the fact that every inch of my body starts getting itchy as we transition into the cooler months. I unapologetically love winter, but just wish that my skin wasn’t so dry. One place that is especially dry, itchy and sometimes even flaky is my scalp. Besides the environmental factors, I really do put my hair through the wringer by colouring it frequently (keeping the red vibrant), not to mention heat styling almost daily! Sure, I take good measures to keep my locks in fab condition, but perhaps it’s not all about the ends of our hair but more about the root,

Although your hair might be your crown, essentially the strands are dead, while the roots and scalp influence the appearance, shine, and volume of your hair. So in essence, if you’re looking for healthy, vibrant and manageable hair, then it’s time you start taking better care of your roots, luckily Simply Aloe has designed a range of hair care products that targets scalp conditions, promising a solution to dry and dull hair.Simply Aloe - By Megan Kelly

Simply Aloe’s haircare range boasts the Aloe Ferox as one of its main ingredients, which is packed with the essential nutrients needed to maintain the integrity of your hair, even when styling. The leaves are packed with vitamin A to fight free radicals, vitamin B to nourish hair follicles and vitamin C to strengthen the tissue around hair follicles. The amino acids that it contains works to improve the structure and strength of your hair strands while it also contains iron, zinc and magnesium – all linked to healthy hair growth – the Aloe Ferox plant seems to be the answers to all of our hair care woes. It also ensures that your hair locks in moisture and prevents tangling and splitting, as it attracts and seals in the water.

I recently put the Simply Aloe Bitter’s shampoo to the test, for the last few weeks, and I have to admit that it will be especially alluring to those who are environmentally conscious. The shampoo is gentle on the hair while still effectively removing grease from the scalp. I wasn’t much of a fan for the scent as it’s a little strong for my liking but besides that, it fits well into my haircare routine. A lot of hair care products adds weight to my hair which leaves it looking and feeling rather flat and limp, but Simply Aloe doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that artificially leave your hair feeling smoother, thereby weighing it down. But what I really liked about the product, is that it significantly improved my dry scalp condition, it helped soothe the dryness and did completely away with any itchiness – winning!

The range is suitable for both men and women, all hair types and scalp conditions. Simply Aloe’s Bitters Shampoo is available in 250 ml at R51.71 and is available at leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide.

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