Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - By Megan Kelly

Is it really All Gone, Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden

You may remember that for Christmas, I treated myself to Elizabeth Arden’s Blockbuster 2015 gift set. My, oh my, and what a treat it has been. Never owning Elizabeth Arden products, the gift set gave me a good idea of the quality you can expect from the brand, not to mention a gorgeous selection of new eyeshadows and lipsticks to play with. One product which I thought would more than likely fly under my radar was the All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

I am a baby shampoo and wipes kinda girl. I have never really seen any benefit in going out of my way to find a makeup remover because baby shampoo and wipes did the job. Sure it took many wipes and would leave my skin feeling dry and tight but… it did the job.

I recently did full glam makeup before realizing that I didn’t like how it turned out. I had just started packing away a few products when I noticed my unopened bottle of Elizabeth Arden’s All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. I thought what the heck, I mean, I might as well use the stuff, right?Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - By Megan Kelly

I regret it. But not because it’s bad or anything, it’s quite the opposite.

When I do full “glam” makeup, it’s primers, concealers, foundation, compact powder, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelash primer, waterproof mascara, lip liner, lipstick, gloss – THE WHOLE LOT! And as you can imagine, it usually takes A LOT of baby shampoo and wipes which leaves my skin feeling very sensitive from the constant wiping, while I try removing the last traces of eye makeup. The schlep of removing makeup is probably half the reason why I don’t do a full face of makeup nearly as often as I’d like to (I love playing with makeup!)

So off we went to the bathroom, I splashed a bit of the All Gone makeup remover onto my hands and started working it on my face, my eyes and lips. I was honestly surprised and a little taken aback at how the makeup just melted (that’s literally the only way that I can explain this process) right off my face. Even my most stubborn waterproof mascara that took 3 applications AND a primer gently washed away. I didn’t use cotton balls or a facecloth, I settled for using my fingertips, working the solution in round circular motions, causing a messy black mess to cover my eye area but with a single wet wipe, it all disappeared.

I figured that I can talk all day about how the makeup remover really works or I could just show you, so I have included a quick demo, too. I basically picked 3 of my most stubborn lippies that range from Rimmel’s Provacalips, Catrice’ Lip Smoothing Polish and LA Girl’s Matte Lipstick.

The Demo

You will notice from the demo that in the beginning, none of the lipsticks lifted or even smudged, even after using baby shampoo and wiping over them. The Catrice Lip Smoothing Polish did lighten a little, but that is only because it is very similar to a lipgloss where it remains sticky on the surface while staining your lips, hence there was still colour left on my arm. I was careful to use very little of the Elizabeth Arden All Gone solution (savouring every drop) which seemed to create a huge mess without any effort, but somehow managed to loosen even my most stubborn lipsticks. A gentle swipe with a wet wipe and the mess was all cleared away with no fuss. Magic!

In the video, I shook the bottle before using the makeup remover, as it is a 2-phase formula that separates when it has been standing for too long. I love that it is so gentle on my skin and even after removing the toughest waterproof makeup, it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry. Instead, it feels fresh, soft and hydrated.

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    […] This baby is almost finished but let me tell you, Elizabeth Arden’s All Gone makeup remover changed everything that I thought I knew about makeup remover. I never had to use a cloth or cotton wool and only use my finger tips to gently massage the oil around my face in circular motions. Makeup just melts off with the greatest ease EVEN waterproof eye makeup and the most stubborn lippies. I love how gentle the formula is on my skin and that I don’t have to scrub tough-to-get-off makeup from my face. I will go as far as saying that this has without a doubt converted me from a wipes and go kind of girl, to a makeup remover kind of girl, that’s a lot considering that at night the last thing I care to do is remove makeup (I sort of just want to curl up and pass out next to the toddler). For a full review and demo of how well it worked, check out here.  […]