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Review: Catrice Cosmetics Foundation Face-Off

After purchasing my 5th Catrice Cosmetics’ foundation, I felt that it’s about time that I share these gems on the blog. Foundation is one of those things that we all seem to struggle to find. We want natural looking makeup, that covers our spots, blemishes and pores but without making us look like a doll, not to mention the mission that comes along with finding the right shade and then once we’ve manage to tick all the requirement off of our lists, we get to the till and they may as well have asked you for a kidney, it costs THAT much. So what do you do? You end up reserving it for special occasions, savoring every last drop and find yourself angry when your plans have been cancelled and you used the special foundation. Sound familiar? Well, today I am sharing my special-occasion-foundations and the best part is, it won’t cost you a limb or a flight to Sephora. In fact, it’s so affordable that I tend to make everyday a special occasion.

The Foundation Face-Off Challenge:

I currently have 3 different Catrice Cosmetics Foundations in rotation, so I thought it would be fun to line them up and compare the different aspects of each.

*All of these products were purchased with my own money and in no way is this post sponsored. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a mousse foundation for this experiment, but I have reviewed one before – you can find that here.

The culprits:CATRICE cosmetics foundation

  1. Catrice Cosmetics 3-in-1 Skintone Adapting Makeup (in 010 – Lighter Skin)
  2. Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Foundation (in 020 – Nude Beige)
  3. Catrice Cosmetics Nude Illusion Makeup (in 030 – Nude Beige)


The Nude Illusion Makeup and All Matt Plus foundations stand out from other budget foundations with their glass bottles, matte frosting and bold black lettering. They both have a pump mechanism which allows for easy, no-mess, no-fuss dispensing of the product. In both products, I haven’t found an issue with the pump, other than when the product is finished, there is still a lot of foundation in the bottle, so you end up scraping, blotting and shaking it to get the last of the nude-gold, before making your next purchase. The only stand-out difference between the two bottles, is that the one is round in shape and the other is cubic. The 3-in-1 Skintone Adapting makeup tends to fade away in the shadows of the luxury glass bottles mentioned above, with it’s silky white plastic tube packaging, black lid but still sticking with the bold black lettering. Admittedly, I find this tube more convenient to fit in your makeup bag, especially if you’re on the move as it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about it breaking in your handbag.

What you need to know…

Catrice Cosmetics 3-in-1 Skintone Adapting Makeup (in 010 – Lighter Skin)

Catrice Cosmetics 3-in-1 Skintone Adapting MakeupI’ve tried a few of these skintone adapting makeups and always find that they become orange as the day goes on, but I am happy to report that this isn’t the case, with this one. I am almost finished with my first tube and tend to use it as my everyday go-to, when I am just popping by the shop or want light coverage that will last a good few hours. I do recommend using a translucent powder, especially if you struggle with oil-control, to ensure a fresh face all day long. The foundation’s formula is light-weight on the skin and when applied, is a thick creamy texture that’s white in colour. But don’t worry, within seconds, you can watch the micro-encapsulated pigments change the white cream into a foundation that matches your own skintone. Although I purchased this in the lightest shade, I found that it looks better when my skin is tanned, so I would be a little cautious wearing it in the winter months, when my skin is a shade of milk – but I will get back to you on this. You may remember, a while back I was harping on about Yardley’s Oatmeal makeup, this is very similar but offers better coverage.

Damages – R124

*As a side note, when I was looking up the number of shades, I noticed that this isn’t listed on their website – I am unsure if they’ve discontinued it but found stock at

Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Foundation (in 020 – Nude Beige)

Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus FoundationThe trend seems to be that everyone wants the ultimate matte finish, which is what prompted this buy. The packaging boasts up to 18 hours coverage and while I never wear makeup for that long, I do know that it gives a good 8-10 hours of medium coverage. I would say of the three products, this one is the most underwhelming. There’s nothing that I can fault about it, but there’s nothing that really made it stand out from the rest. The texture is creamy, thick and blends really well, leaving you with a matte and even-complexion. The foundation boasts shine control so is especially great for people who have combination to oily skin. I will mention that the formula is especially hydrating, unlike other matte foundations that I have tried, and it doesn’t flake or build up on your forehead or around the eyebrows.

Damages – R99

*Available in 5 shades, see here

Catrice Cosmetics Nude Illusion Makeup (in 030 – Nude Beige)

20160128_121928 (1280x720)The creme da la creme of Catrice Cosmetics foundations. Let me just start by saying that this is my second bottle and I have a third waiting in my drawer because when you find a good foundation, you stock up! I am not a fan of looking like the dead (as I am sure, neither are you) I like fresh-dewy skin that can breathe, looks healthy and has everyone believing that I don’t need foundation, let alone wear it. Catrice Cosmetics Nude Illusion Makeup is that and more, it’s a silky formula that offers medium to high coverage, depending on how you build it up. I have tried one or two high-end foundations and nothing compares to this. The blending quality is phenomenal, leaving you with streak free, satin-smooth looking skin that breathes while still managing to cover all my spots, scars and blemishes. The coverage is long-lasting and doesn’t have you feeling or looking like a grease ball, half way through the day. This foundation is so good, that I recently noticed it in the makeup kits of professional makeup artists, at an international bridal show. It’s one of those foundations that offer luminous matte skin, without it even feeling like makeup. It also happens to photograph really well, is moisturisng and boasts protective UVA/UVB filters . Sjoe, can you tell that I am a fan?

Damages – R134

*Available in 5 shades, see here

Where can you get your next foundation fix?

All Catrice products are available at selected Dis-Chem pharmacies, Red Square stores and Takealot online. I happened to get really lucky and picked up all three on a Black Friday Sale with Spree, for less than R100 – my lucky streak continued when all shades matched beautifully.

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  • Cheryl King
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    I have been using the All Matte Plus 030 for nearly two years, and love it. The only problem is that I can no longer find it. I find this very disappointing as your are right, to find a foundation that suits you is not easy. I have a dry skin and this foundation is quite hydrating.

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  • Lydia
    Posted at 15:35h, 05 May

    Love the reviews. I think the Nude Illusion one will be a perfect fit for me.

  • Ronnae Elliott
    Posted at 14:18h, 15 February

    I love the Catrice 3 in 1 formula, I haven’t tried the others yet.

  • La French Connection (@ConnectionLa)
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    I want to try this brand. I’m really curious about it and I want to discover new brands so that sounds like a plan!

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