Beauties and Buddies by Healing Earth Review - By Megan Kelly

Review: Beauties and Buddies Bath Range for Kids!

Axl was so excited when a new package arrived with his name on it. The kind folk at Healing Earth sent over the entire Beauties and Buddies range and we just couldn’t wait to explore what this brand has to offer.

Right off the bat, I should say that Axl loves that he got so many products in a nifty little carrier box, just like mom’s skincare range. He takes delight in opening each bottle, sniffing it and exclaiming ooh-ahh and whoah! It has become common practice that if I am busy reviewing products, taking photos or using my own body care products, he will bring his Beauties and Buddies range to be photographed, smelled and especially loves copying mom with his own products. In a way, receiving this gift has made me realize that him having his own range of body products, makes him feel like a big boy and proud that he gets to use them just like me.


The range consists of 5 products that takes care of your kiddo from tip to toe, inside and outside the bath:

  • lavender & jasmine bubble bath
  • peppermint shower gel
  • mango & sweet orange body scrub
  • aloe vera face & body gel
  • sweet orange and lemon 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

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I love the scent of the peppermint shower gel and will openly admit that I have snuck in a use or two of the mango & sweet orange body scrub, which is a gentle exfoliant with a sweet-summer fragrance. Axl likes the bubble bath which he has already used all up, and with the lavendar aroma, mom tends to be in favour of the relaxing qualities that it offers.

The range packs natural and organic, dermatologically-tested and iso-certified products developed especially for eco-conscious kids and have also been developed with the aim of educating children from a young age about the importance of nurturing and respecting both themselves and the natural environment. Each bottle displays a different African wildlife species, and offers facts and information about their natural habitat, behaviour and conservation of each. Bath time has become a new place to learn about exciting wildlife animals, although Axl hasn’t had the chance to see them all, in real life, he can tell you all their sounds. He hates washing his hair but since his 2-in-1 shampoo is labelled with his favourite wildlife animal, the lion, he roars and growls throughout the wash, forgetting all about the tedious task at hand.

The products are housed in a nifty cardboard box that aims to create a memorable experience and includes a pack of brightly coloured pencil crayons that can be used to decorate the unique and interactive educational poster that accompanies the products. The animal on each product can be found on the poster, which gives information about each species and its unique role in our ecosystem, as well as important information on how to save water and the environment at large. What a great way to keep little ones clean, conscious and entertained!

These products are brand new so you can email Healing Earth at: for more information and to order your own pack. The full pack retails for R453,90.

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