Celltone Review - By Megan Kelly

Review: Celltone Skincare

Celltone has been on my radar for as long as I can remember, in fact it was my mom’s interest in the range that piqued my own. (I won’t deny sending brag-pics, when the range arrived for reviewing – sorry mom!) My skin has been through all sorts of stages and although it is doing a lot better these days, I still suffer with a dull complexion, patchy dry skin, scarring and at times, I am pretty sure it can only be defined as adult-acne. Celltone sent over their gorgeously packaged range and I decided to take a month (or two) to put it to the test.

The story goes that, many years ago, snail farm workers discovered that while harvesting snails, their hands became softer, smoother and younger looking. From this, the formulation was derived; a skincare range using the wonders of nature to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant. Celltone products are formulated to not only include the beneficial snail extract but also contain ingredients to ensure the products work at a much faster rate and deliver results. The range targets all skin types and ages and replaces synthetic ingredients for organic and natural ingredients where possible.CELLTONE SKINCARE

The luxury skincare range offers 6 different products, namely:

  1. Facial Wash
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Cleanser
  4. Toner
  5. Mask
  6. Moisturiser + SPF15

I love that the packaging is all very much the same, so that I don’t have to worry about trying to accommodate large tubes of cleanser and smaller glass jars of moisturizer. In fact, all 6 products sit perfectly on one shelf of my bathroom cabinet and while this might not mean much to you, I like that the packaging actually fits in the cabinet as most of my products don’t. Plastic packaging can look quite cheap, but they’ve managed to pull it off effortlessly with the tasteful use of bright colours and keeping the rest of the bottle simple and clean. I am also a huge fan of the pump bottle which is more hygienic, and completes the overall neat packaging.

Two days before receiving the range, I had become very aware of how dry my skin was and had grown quite self-conscious that a section above my brow had grown so dry that it didn’t even look like it was moving, when I frowned. It looked and felt… dead. When the range arrived, I immediately ripped everything open and started from step 1 through to step 6.

The moisturising facial wash has gentle hints of Jasmine and Chamomile, which work with the Witchazel Extracts to gently clean and remove any residue or build up on your skin. The formula is rich in Vitamins E and B5 and leaves your skin feeling fresh. One thing that I noticed almost immediately was unlike most skincare, my skin didn’t feel dry or scratchy after the cleanse, which is usually what prompts me to butter on a moisturiser.

By now you will know that if there ever was an exfoliator connoisseur, I would be it. I love the stuff and exfoliate from top to toe every 2-3 days.  The formula is infused with Rose Oil giving it the most gorgeous subtle scent. I have had exfoliators made of sugar, salt, those funny bead-like granules and now bamboo particles which are super fine and gentle on skin, perfect for all skin-types. The exfoliator works to deeply cleanse your skin, unblocking pores and clearing away any impurities. Just like the rest of the range, you can expect a healthy dose of vitamins, with the exfoliator containing Vitamin A and E.

Surprisingly, the cleanser proved to be my favourite product of the range and has already been repurchased. Ultimately, if you wanted to save a penny, you could choose to use either step 1 or 3 as they both work to gently cleanse the skin, removing residue, perspiration and build-up of impurities. I prefer the creamy formula of the cleanser, it’s gentle on the skin and reminds me of a cleansing balm – thick and rich in texture, leaving skin nourished. The cleanser is also infused with your daily dose of Vitamins B5, E and C. OH! And if that wasn’t enough, the scent is simply divine!

Toner is a product that I rarely ever use, as most burn my skin and seem to cause more damage than good. But I am a team player and decided to give this one a go. Luckily, Celltone’s toner is alcohol-free and very mild when compared to most on the market. Just like the exfoliator, the toner is infused with rose water which is used all across the world as an affordable skincare product as it helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin, balances and cleanses oily skin, softens and tones mature skin and revitalizes normal skin. It also happens to have natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. (*) This formula gently removes any traces of the cleanser and helps neutralize the natural pH level of the skin.

As mentioned, I had become really self-conscious over the dry patchy skin on my forehead, so was adamant on covering my face with a hydrating mask that would be able to penetrate the thick skin. The mask is a indulgent consistency and infused with moisturising actives, elastin, collagen, keratin and vitamins to restore your skin’s natural elasticity. The scent is clean and mild which is something that I really enjoyed about the range, but was happy to know that all their products are perfume and paraben free.

Lastly, their moisturizer which contains a medly of oils; Argan, Calendula and Olive creates a beautiful cream which is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue. The scent is light and summery which I think it gets from the Argan oil. It also contains UVA & UVB sunscreen filters, which is great especially for the summer months, but it is always advised to use a SPF regardless.

Celltone’s entire range is designed to restore hydration and lock in moisture, leaving your complexion feeling softer, smother and looking brighter. In the last two months of using their range, I have noticed an overall improvement in my skin with less breakouts and have found that it helps in controlling and balancing the oil and dry patches that I face, especially during seasonal changes. After 2 weeks of use, I remember walking into the bedroom and Darren looking up and saying how good my skin is looking, he even offered to replace my range because it seems to be doing such a great job, he mentioned that that it’s clearly working and I seem more comfortable using the range as there had been no serious breakouts. I love how much brighter my skin looks and how soft it feels, but have also noticed that the scars left from my teenage years, are finally starting to lighten and perhaps with longer use I can be rid of them, for good.


Celltone conveniently offers their entire luxury skincare range in a travel kit which you can read more about, over here. If you’re wanting to trial the range, then why not start with the travel sizes? Admittedly, even though we didn’t end up going to Cape Town in December like we had planned, the only thing that I had managed to pack before calling off the trip was my skincare. The whole range is packaged in a convenient transparent bag, allowing for easy access. You also never have to worry about forgetting any one of your products as everything from step one to step six is included in the pack and a free 60ml Celltone tissue oil, great for restoring hydration all over your body, especially if you’re planning to spend time in the sun and swimming.

All Celltone skincare products retail for R149.90 (125ml) and can be bought at selected Game Stores, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Clicks, Red Square and online.

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