Medi Pedi Review - By Megan Kelly

Review: Sorbet Walmer Park’s DMK Medi-Pedi

I recently met with the team at Sorbet, Walmer Park who invited me to experience their DMK Medi-Pedi. Sorbet is dominating the spa market these days, and are known for their incredibly friendly and personal service while offering quality brands and consistently good treatments. Sorbet spas are strategically placed and there is no denying that they did a great job choosing Walmer Park as their first branch in Port Elizabeth.

At first glance, the spa looks like any other storefront, only Sorbet Walmer Park proudly homes the biggest selection of Demalogica skincare and several other brands like Morgan Taylor, La Tweez, Rapid Lash and of course, their in-home brand which packs a variety of awesome gifts for the Christmas Season. They’ve also just welcomed OPI to their line-up, which may have a few of you nail-fanatics jumping for joy!

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Step behind a single wall and the entire spa and where you receive your treatments is neatly packed away from people who are walking by, allowing that extra touch of privacy while receiving their indulging treatments. The spa has lazy boys on the right, where you can enjoy a range of pedicures, starting from as little as R105.00 for a treatment, while on the left, sits tables and chairs for you to enjoy maicures, starting from as little as R100.00.

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Upon my arrival, the girls were happily chatting and showed me to the wonderful wall of choices where I had to make the tough decision of which Morgan Taylor nailpolish I wanted, painted on my toes, but found myself wishing for more feet – an odd thought, I admit. I sat back in one of their extra comfy lazy boy chairs, letting go of all the stresses which clouded my Monday morning, and enjoyed some girl chat with my beauty therapist, Zinhle. I liked that she had no idea that I was their to review the treatment, as the visit just seemed more authentic. I enjoyed the general vibe of the spa which is upbeat, casual and relaxing.


The treatment itself, promises to get your baby feet back and with summer well on its way, everybody should be rushing off to get one of these, pronto. The process is fairly simple and much to my liking, not invasive at all! You see, I am exceptionally ticklish and can’t handle having the soles of my feet filed, not to mention my irrational fear of being filed right down to the nerve. I also think that right now, is probably a good time to let you know that I don’t like feet and I especially don’t like my own feet (or toes for that matter), so I tend to get really shy about having pedicures, hence I don’t have them done often. Needless to say, the feet presented to poor Zinhle were less than… ladylike. But Zinhle is my shining star and handled herself with complete grace while making this busy mom feel truly special.

Using rubber gloves, Zinhle applied the DMK Alkaline Wash on my stubby feet, and then started rubbing and massaging the wash whilst spritzing water so that the Alkaline Wash wouldn’t dry out. As the wash made contact with my skin the natural pH system of my skin was raised so that  it creates an intense condition that softens the hardened skin and callouses on my feet, making it easy to remove the dead skin cells. The nice thing about the treatment is that Zinhle didn’t need any fancy or scary looking tools to remove the skin, she just wore rubber gloves and rubbed the skin which gently fell off. Afterwards, she focused on neutralising my skin by applying the DMK Herbal Pigment Oil  and the Callous Créme, which are both available to purchase and take home.

To top the treatment off, I was treated to having my nails cleaned, shaped and painted with a stunning shade from Morgan Taylor. I chose the shade ‘Sitting Pretty’ which is the perfect pop of pink for the summer months and definitely a favourite which soon needs to find its way onto my shelf at home.

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The day after, I was truly expecting my feet to be sensitive from all that skin removal – I mean, it makes sense, right? Nope, no sensitivity, pain, redness or anything of the kind. It was such a weird experience and even my hubby commented that my feet were almost too smooth because you naturally expect feet to be hard in certain parts but I have absolutely no hardness. It’s amazing. Zinhle also recommends going for the treatment once a month, to keep that fresh, smooth feeling, while combing it with their at-home treatments, too.


Sorbet Walmer Park stands out in my spa experiences because of the upbeat atmosphere and the ease of access, not to mention the boutique which has an incredible selection of skincare products, nail care and odds and ends that I am dying to get my hands on. Their treatments include a lineup of waxing, massages, facials, lash extensions, threading, manis, pedis and even treatments for your man or little sister. I have an entire list of things that I still want to try, and believe that Sorbet Walmer Park will be my go-to for when I need to stock up on products not readily available and a special space to lift my spirits on days when we could all do with some TLC.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Sorbet Walmer Park, before my treatment. I love meeting inspiring woman who have the courage to leave the ordinary and take the plunge to create the extraordinary. Sandra’s enthusiasm and genuine pride for the peaceful environment that she has created is contagious. She speaks fondly of the first time she enjoyed a treatment from Sorbet and still not being able to shake that feeling and now, I can relate. Sorbet is all about making each customer feel important and making every minute spent in their spas, an unforgettable moment.

Thank you to the delightful team and Sandra from Sorbet Walmer Park for a memorable experience – I truly appreciated being at your spa.

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