Human+Kind Remedy Cream - By Megan Kelly

Hits, Misses and Empties: September

I decided to do things differently from today and instead of doing single reviews for each of these products, I thought that I would do a bumper edition which features a bunch of products that I have been trying, this month. If you don’t already know what a “Hits, Misses and Empties” post is, it’s basically a collection of reviews which features favourites, not-so-favourites and products that have been used up. I tend to favour these sorts of posts because I like when a blogger is honest about products, even if it means that it didn’t work for them. And I know that as a self-confessed goo-hoarder, it is rare that I actually finish a product. So when I do… you should know how great that product really is!


Human+Kind: Family Remedy Cream

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Human+Kind has been on my radar for a little while now. They’re a brand that is dedicated in bringing you only the best products that is both kind to your skin and the environment too. A lot of their products offer multi-tasking properties and so you can look forward to a minnimal skin routine that packs just about every thing that you need from a skincare range. I was recently sent their Family Remedy cream which forms part of their ‘Treatment’ range. As the name implies, it is suitable for everyone in the family from our tiny sprout right to the big tough daddy. The formula includes tea-tree oil which packs quite the punch to healing qualities (I am a true lover of tea-tree oil, so was all for the cream). At first, I didn’t really find a need for the cream but pretty soon, I started using it for absolutely everything! Their site suggests that it works wonders on dry, cracked and sensitive skin, minor burns, itching and razor burn, cold and bed sores, athlete’s foot, insect bites & stings, brittle nails and sunburn. I stopped using my usual moisturizer and opted for their remedy cream instead. It’s a little thicker than moisturizer and it takes longer to absorb into the skin, so it can make makeup application a little tough, especially if you’re short on time. I liked this formula especially for the night time as it helped treat my acne-prone skin while restoring hydration and leaving it feeling fresh and full of elasticity, by the morning.

Skin Republic: Collagen Sheet Masks

20150914_125141 (1280x988)

Last month, I took part in the Skin Republic Challenge. I use that term loosely because what’s the challenge in indulging in a 20 minute sheet mask, twice a week? But ey, a blogger’s life is tough work! I am half way to the age where I should start worrying about collagen but that doesn’t mean that aging skin doesn’t scare me and as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure!” I have never really used a sheet mask before, but was pleasantly surprised by the way this one fits on my face. I ended up looking like someone out of Slipknot for 25 minutes but when the time was up, my skin was really smooth and I noticed an improvement in elasticity with continuous, use over the month. I did notice an uncomfortable tingling feeling during my first use, but by the third mask it was barely noticeable. Also, I should mention the impressive amount of product inside each sachet. After using the mask, I massaged the left over serum into my face and also found a lot more product in the sachet which I used around my neck and décolleté. The formula is really nourishing and was a great treat in the last few weeks of winter.

Caribbean Tan: Tanning Spritzer

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I recently tried a range of Caribbean Tan’s products and this one has to be my favourite. The trick is to find the shade that suits you best but they do make it a lot easier with a handy guide on each product, I settled for ‘B’. The spritzer comes with a thick mitten which helps to blend the light weight formula all over, leaving you with an instant touch of colour that ripens over an 8 hour period. The spritzer has a strong pungent smell – the sort that comes with professional tanning products – so I would advise doing it in a well ventilated area. I opted for my shower so that I could just rinse the walls when I was done spraying everything (and I have one of those extractors, which helped with the strong smell). I found tanning before bed helps the waiting period so that you can avoid streakiness from sweat, water and whatever else! And by the time I wake up, my tan is a gorgeous shade and if used correctly, with the mitt, it comes out even. I struggled the first few times with tanning my feet and learnt from my mistake of wearing pumps shortly after tanning! Their tan is long lasting especially if used in conjunction with their body butter which helps keep your skin looking and feeling softer.


Caribbean Tan: Cinnamon and Vanilla Body Scrub

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As you know, by now, I have a thing for scrubs and this was high on my list of ones to try. The scent is what really grabbed me, ‘cinnamon and vanilla’ screams indulgence and it is the only reason why I am kicking myself for featuring it as a miss. Truth is, the scrub is saturated in oil, which makes it touch to get the cinnamon to wash off your body. Also, the cinnamon (as much as I love the scent) reacted badly to my skin and made me red and blotchy.

Sunstar: GUM Original White

20150914_125608 (1280x1050)

I am not usually one for teeth whitening products but lately, I have been wanting to try something especially as I have been drinking quite a bit of coffee and when wearing darker lipsticks, my teeth really show up. I have never suffered with sensitive teeth but one brush with this tooth paste and I was in pain for the entire day. The bottle does say something about being gentle on enamel, but ey – you win some, you lose some. I went back to my regular Colgate but opted for one that restores enamel and helps sensitive teeth.

Essence: Pure Skin Soft Touch Mousse Makeup

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Sigh… I really wanted to love this product. For starters, it is great for people who suffer with acne-prone skin as it treats your skin while giving you a great light to medium coverage. The foundation is especially light weight and for the price, it is a real steal! Unfortunately, I found that it always oxidizes on me and can apply rather clumpy. My skin looks alright-ish in the morning, right after applying it, but 2 hours later and I look like a hot mess, my face is melting off, my foundation is clumpy, streaky and 2 shades too dark.


Terenzo Hair Care

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I cannot tell you enough, how much I love this haircare range. I recently got to try the Reload Range which is said to be a unique anti-oxidant and vitamin enriched range that strengthens and nourishes colour treated hair, adding protection, moisture and restoration. What interested me the most was the list of ingredients which includes beetroot extract to help prevent colour fade, baobab oil which includes loads of vitamins like vitamin A to help fight free radicals and promote healthy sebum on the scalp, vitamin D for strength, vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent colour fade, vitamin F (Omegas) retains moisture, softens and adds shine. The formula also includes candillia wax which leaves your hair free of tangles and full of shine. With each wash, the range left my hair in the most pristine condition and every time I waved my healthy, gleaming locks, I got a whiff of the incredible citrus scent. Sadly, these products are only available in selected salons in Cape Town and Johannesburg, including Terenzo salons so this will have to remain an empty until I find a mule who can send me more of this incredible range!

Catrice: Matt Mousse Makeup

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I haven’t had a good track record with mousse foundations (see above) but when this arrived on my desk, I have to admit, it left me in awe. The formula is wispy and light just like a good chocolate mousse, it offers a light to medium coverage with the option to build it up. I found that applying it with a brush and then blending it with a damp sponge (I used my Beauty Blender dupe from UBU) offered the best sort of finish and best of all? It never oxidized! The longevity may have not met it’s 12 hours claims, but it came quite close! Since finishing this gem, I have struggled finding something just as good for day-to-day use, but had no such luck yet! This is also not the first time that Catrice has taken my breath away with their foundation offerings, their Nude Illusion was another foundation that was used all up, right to the last scraped out drop. It offered a great coverage and provided a long lasting dewy finish, to velvety smooth skin.

Clicks: Hot Oil Treatment Sachets

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I have come accustomed to looking for bargains from Clicks’ in-house brand and was especially surprised by their extensive medication range. But recently, I have found quite a few goodies in their hair department that haven’t only been used to the last drop but have already been repurchased on more than one occasion. I am talking about their hair treatments which come in little sachets and retail for about R9 a pop.  Experience has taught me that 2 sachets are the way to go for a good, full head coverage but for under R20, you can expect luscious locks that ooze volume and gleam in the sunlight. Their hot oil treatment has to be my favourite but a quick warning that it can be a little strongly scented. Their range also offers a nourishing hair mask to restore damaged hair and another which targets frizz. All three are exceptionally great at what they do but if you’re looking for an intensive hair treatment, you can’t go wrong with hot oil. Just do it!

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  • Chereen Strydom
    Posted at 08:37h, 16 September

    Really enjoyed reading this post… I totally agree with you; when I see that a blogger has actually managed to use up a product, I *know* it’s abound to be good! I’m keen to try this Catrice foundation, as I really seem to be drawn to mousse foundations lately. Funnily enough, I’ve been using the essence mousse makeup for about a week now and I love it! Really enjoy the texture, and I haven’t experienced the oxidising effect. Phew! xx

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 12:48h, 21 September

      Thanks hun! I figured this would be a good way to do monthly round ups of products that I like. My OCD starts ticking when I keep empty bottles though.
      You’re very lucky! I think it is just my skin type that causes the oxidizing. I found an old review of the first Soft-Touch Mousse from Essence on Beauty Bulletin from 3 years ago, that I wrote, which had similar effects and I started using it as a concealer, funny enough. I frikkin love Catrice though but have found liquid foundation is a better option, for me. I am currently using Yardley’s Oat Meal foundation and L’Oreal’s True Colour foundation, let’s see how it goes. xox

  • prettifulblog
    Posted at 12:03h, 15 September

    I got my hair done at Terenzo two weeks ago, and they used their range, as well as a treatment from their range, and my hair is still soft! Unbelievable!

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 12:07h, 15 September

      Their range is remarkable. I have just heard that they’re thinking of selling it online, too. I am holding thumbs!

  • koekelooks
    Posted at 14:44h, 14 September

    You are a genius to apply the self tan spray in the shower, I would never have thought of that. If there’s one beauty product I stay away from as far as possible, it’s self tan. I completely refuse. However, I didn’t know that you get it in a spray bottle like this, and your review might just as well have changed my mind, I definitely want to try it. Thanks! xx

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 12:09h, 15 September

      Genius or just lazy 😛 I hate having to try wipe down everything and then 8 hours later, realizing that your white wardrobe is now tanned. I was scared to self-tan and believe me, I have the tan removal process mastered from all the mistakes that I have made but I have found my brands which serve a great purpose. Another great one to keep an eye out for is TanLab. If you’re just starting out with tanning and have no idea where to begin, give them a go or a tanner that is in ‘cream form’ I find them to be more even and less fuss. Good luck x