Glampalm Wide Magic Series Iron - By Megan Kelly

Review: Glampalm Wide Magic Series Iron


Hair is one of the areas that I lack know-how. Anja, from Glitz and Grammar, and I have joked on Twitter that when I try curling my hair with a curling iron, it comes out straighter than ever! (She makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one who fails to curl my hair!) Last year some time, I saw a tweet about sending in a PINK picture for breast cancer awareness month and you could win a Glampalm styler. I didn’t really expect much from it so was blown away when I was contacted for my details for delivery of my prize.



The one thing that I can do with my hair is straighten it and at the time of winning, my hair was incredibly long. I decided to go with the wide-plate straightener which is priced at R2,500. They have 2 other stylers in their range which includes a thin-plate straightener and a curling iron (next on my list of things that I need!)


GlamPalm falls in the same category as GHD and Cloud9. Glampalm are the epitome of luxurious stylers that not only style your hair, but helps in treating and protecting your hair from heat damage with it’s exclusive healing stone technology. The mineral, which the ceramic plates are infused with, is also known to enhance colour and aims to leave your hair in the same state as pre-styling. Think: sleek, smooth and shiny locks.

It would be a sin not to mention the fabulous packaging that this beaut of a styler is delivered in. When opening my styler, I had to take step by step pictures, sharing it on Whatsapp with my husband (of course, he didn’t understand my excitement – but someone needed to see how amazingly pretty it all is!).

The styler packs away neatly into a gorgeous leather heat-resistant bag which includes a heat-resistant cap PLUS two sectioning clips. Fancy, ey?

Before my Glampalm styler, I had only ever owned cheap hair straighteners. I remember one day straightening my hair while Darren was watching with a puzzled look. When I asked him what’s up, he said that growing up his sisters had only every owned quality (expensive) straighteners which did the job with one wave of the wand. Watching me go over the same strand of hair, over and over again was tiresome and seemed pointless when it frizzed in a couple of hours time. In all honesty, he had a very good point and the state of my hair told the same story of inevitable damage.  That is why it was so important for me to use the Glampalm styler for a long period of time before reviewing it. I wanted to see the damage that came a long with using it routinely, over a longer time than most reviews take place.DSC_0506

The Glampalm Styler itself is absolutely flawless. It is sturdy, high quality and it politely screams professional hair care. The gold coloured plates remind me of something you would find the likes of the Kardashians bragging about (if they didn’t already have their own hair line). The design is simple, yet the features outnumber any other straightener that I have had the opportunity of playing with:DSC_0502

  • The packaging deserves another mention, because just wow.
  • They included a heat resistant clutch and cap which make this exceptionally travel-friendly.
  • 11 heat settings (the standard styler has a vibrate mode)
  • Around 30 seconds or so to heat to the highest heat
  • Special Alumina powder to enhance your colour
  • Swivel and pivot 3 meter long extension cord with a built in “cable-tie-thingy”
  • Emits Far infrared Rays & Anion Technology (fancy way to say no more static)

DSC_0505So what can you expect from the Glampalm styler?


The wide plate is suitable for thicker, curly or long hair. Although I have cut my hair since receiving my styler, I love the wide plate because it takes me less than 10 minutes to style. The Glampalm is quick at heating up and by the time I have parted my hair, I can start styling immediately. The straightener glides through my hair effortlessly and just going over a strand once, is enough for static-free glossy hair.  My hair holds the style well when using Glampalm’s styler, and I only need to style it after my next wash. I found that I also didn’t need much (if any) hair products to get that static free, shiny and sleek look that I desire and was overall impressed with the long-term effect on my hair. I have not cut my hair since December and I still get comments that my hair looks freshly trimmed. Usually by now, my hair would be riddled with split-ends that are dried out.


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  • Lizna
    Posted at 23:33h, 16 June

    Everything about that strengthener just looks amazing, grats on winning it. I’ve been wanting a fancy straightener for the longest time but now that my hair is longer I feel I manage better with a blow wave brush and dryer (but I wouldn’t say no to one dropping in my lap lol) xx