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Review: L’Action Spot-Treatment


There’s something you need to know about me – I love Tea-Tree oil. I love it to the point that my mother-in-law won’t even ask me what I suggest for break-outs, sore throats, fleas, sores and blisters because she already knows that I will suggest, TEA-TREE OIL. The stuff is a miracle shoved in a bottle and has been a staple part of my bathroom cabinet since the age of 3, when I had severe eczema on the insides of my arms.

With that being said, I thought I would share this little guy with you, which is a divine spot-treatment and retails for less than R50 at Clicks.

I picked this up, some time in December, and have been meaning to share it with you since. I had been searching for a new spot-treatment as my skin was facing a horrible breakout that went just about everywhere, including down my neck. I had no idea how to manage it or stop it from continuing to spiral-out of control, so headed to my nearest Clicks to look for some new and innovative spot-treatment.

I had never used any other products from L’action , but knew that I had a face-mask sitting at home, which was part of a prize. I loved how clean the packaging is and then I spotted it in bold lettering, “CONTAINS TEA-TREE OIL” and had to purchase it without a second thought.

After applying the treatment throughout the day, I was shocked to see that the following morning, the spots were drying out and by day three, they were barely noticeable. I have used it since, whenever I get a nasty break-out and am always refreshingly surprised how well it works.

However, as with all things, there are some cons. One being, the scent. Most people dislike the scent of Tea-Tree oil, I have no issue with it, as I have basically been brought up on the stuff. But the scent of this formula is horrible – it is bitter and resembles nothing of the original tea-tree oil scent. Secondly, the top of the tube disintegrates. Whenever I tightened the lid of the tube back on, the lid would start cracking until it got to the point that it has disintegrated and seizes to exist anymore. So in essence, the lid doesn’t screw on and stay on.

Besides that though, the treatment is a steal at less than R50 – I want to say that it was R30 but could be mistaken – I bought it months ago, but remember Darren still joking that I should buy all their stock. And it works really well, so who cares that it may be a little smelly – you’ll grow used to it 😛

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  • Carolyn Augustus
    Posted at 12:38h, 01 April

    Never knew that BUT I’m definitely getting some

  • lauren
    Posted at 13:54h, 30 March

    I actually like the scent of tea tree oil 🙂