Pantene - By Megan Kelly

Pantene’s Colored Hair Range

Pantene - By Megan KellySo I have had a few people ask me what I am using that makes my hair look so great. I have mentioned before that I favour Pantene’s range of products because they have these gigantic bottles. However, I stopped using them for a while as I noticed my red hair colour would run and the colour wasn’t lasting all that long. Silly me! They have a colour range!

I will openly admit that I was ridiculous not looking into their full range and am so happy that they sent their goodies for reviewing. After the chop, my hair felt fantastic but the colour was still dull. I started using their range specially designed for coloured hair and was seriously impressed by how vibrant my hair became without the need to recolour! Within 2 washes I was receiving compliments left right and centre, saying how healthy my locks were looking – I tribute my gleaming hair to religiously using the Pantene product range.

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner every 3 or so days. The conditioner does a good job of untangling knots and nourishing hair. After washing, I use the instant colour protect shine spray, all over my damp hair. This in combination with the colour brilliance serum stops your hair from looking dull by adding a gleaming and healthy shine to your hair. The colour brilliance serum is fantastic for managing hair and is the cherry to the pie!

Now, for the golden pot… It says a lot when a beauty blogger uses a product until it’s completely empty and left to scrape the tube for the last little bit! Which I have done with all of their products except the serum and spray – because you use so little of it! However, one product which I can’t get enough of is the colour damage rescue masque which I have since bought 2 refills. (You always need one in stock – just in case there is a shortage or something!) The masque is an over-indulgent treat to the hair that leaves it feeling softer and more vibrant than before. It adds an extra layer to lock in the colour but without creating build-up that makes you look like an oily mess. It is all sorts of wonderful and an absolute must!

I have never used the products on their own and prefer to use an entire range together, as I find they work well, this way. I kind of feel that what one product may lack, by using the other, it will balance it out.

Pantene is available at so many stores that you don’t need to worry about it being hard to find when your bottle unexpectantly finishes. Their range offers coverage for every hair type and they are extremely affordable, not to mention the huge bottles that now, with shorter hair, last over 2 months at a time!

Pantene - By Megan Kelly

P.S. I recently dyed my hair, I might just include a review of the colour that I used too!

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