Rodial X-Treme Hangover Mask

I really wanted to review a bunch of products over the holidays, but there just wasn’t any time. So I have decided to save it all for the new year. However, I kind of feel that my skin is paying the price for the bad diet and stress that can come with a holiday. So first up is Rodial’s X-Treme Hangover Mask.

Besides loving the name – my skin kinda feels hungover – I love their packaging. I have other Rodial products that will be featured soon, too, but you’ll notice that everything is aesthetically pleasing, from the bright colours, right down to the silver detailing. I do tend to pay a lot of attention to packaging, so when a brand puts that extra bit of effort, to stand out, I truly appreciate it.

Since trying out a few other “scientifically” made skin brands, I have stopped trusting that mixing a tub of aqueous cream with a few essential oils will combat my skin issue and have started to enjoy the benefits of products that are designed for your skin.

I started using the Hangover Mask every Sunday, which has become a firm routine, something that I look forward to and tend to savour every moment of. It goes a little something like, put the baby to sleep and indulge the skin, body and mind in all things  beautiful and relaxing!

The formula is light green, thick and firm which is because it is made from clay. It contains glycolic and fruit acids which from experience had prepared me for the light tingling sensation that can happen, when applied.

When using products that contain glycolic acid, you need to understand that it is an active ingredient and that each and every person’s experience will differ from the next. It is a natural product that is harvested from sugar cane and used in a wide variety of skincare products at different strengths. If your skin is more sensitive than most, you’d likely want to look for products with a very low percentage of glycolic acid. More on glycolic acid…

After applying, I wait around 10 minutes while shaving and painting my toe nails, before removing the remain of the mask. Admittedly, a lot of the time, there is hardly anything to remove as it absorbs into the skin, but I do rinse to be sure.

The first couple of times that I used it, I noticed that everything was brought to the surface – blackheads, pimples and any other impurities. My skin is usually tough and extracting, especially blackheads, can be very painful! However, the mask seemed to have softened everything, making extraction very easy and painless. By the 3rd or 4th use, I noticed less of a ‘break-out’ and more of a glow. My skin is softer and plumper, which made makeup application a dream. The plumpness comes with better hydration, which meant no more dried, cracked and flaking skin that looks horrible, especially with foundation, and can be dangerous with the summer sun on new peeled skin. Although I do not have wrinkles yet, I can imagine that the added hydration will help combat fine lines and wrinkles, too! The smoothness is thanks to the fruit acids which is lightly textured and helps exfoliate, while the glycolic acid absorbs into the skin and removes dead skin cells, leaving a more radiant and polished face!

Overall, I highly recommend this as a splurge, when you’re looking for an effective mask. I found that the bottle lasts quite a while, especially as I am only using it 1-2 times a week.

Rodial is available at selected Edgars Stores, the X-Treme hangover mask retails for R1200.

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