Batiste Dry Shampoo

I was recently welcomed onto the dry-shampoo bandwagon, when Beauty Bulletin sent me a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo in Paisley. Being a mom to a very busy 7 month old, the thought of shampooing every second day can be daunting, especially when my to-do list is overflowing with things to do! I wish that I had heard of this little gem earlier, especially those first few weeks after having my bambino! 

When you spray the dry shampoo, it releases a white, powdered residue, over your hair which absorbs the natural oils that your hair produces. The oil produced is essential to the care of our hair and by washing it every other day, you are stripping the hair of these much needed oils, which leaves my hair dry and brittle.

As I mentioned, I hadn’t really heard of or played with dry shampoo, before, and have often opted for baby powder to do the same job. So there were a few lessons in my first attempts that I think you can all benefit from:

· Dry shampoo is for DRY hair – no I didn’t make that mistake, but thought it was worth mentioning.

· Style your hair and then LEAVE IT – don’t keep touching your hair as your fingertips carry and transfer oil to your hair. If you want more oil-free days, don’t touch your hair!

· Separate your hair – you need to apply the dry-shampoo where the oil originates from – THE ROOT. So take time in lifting, and parting your hair, the way you would when you dye your hair. This will ensure a better coverage.

· Don’t spray too closely – just like deodorant, you don’t want to hold this too closely as it will apply too thickly, leaving your hair covered in white powder and the strands will be difficult to separate

· It is white – I had a mini freak out, thinking that my hair would have these white patches, but if you leave it for a few minutes before styling, it should absorb into the hair. However, you can always comb it through, if it is still too patchy.

· Helpful for styling – dry-shampoo is great at adding texture to styles, holding bobbie pins, and there is a volume targeting variant for those of us with flat, dull hair.

· Add as you go – if you find you still have some oily patches, add some more dry shampoo here and there.

· Style your hair – don’t leave your hair down as it will go flat – and is too boring! Have some fun and look up quick and simple ideas, to styling your hair. I like going for the milk-maid braids. Remember that a braid holds better when your hair is dirty!

· Removes odour – I don’t smoke but whenever I am in the company of smokers, I feel that my hair takes the biggest hit – the same goes for braaing. I dislike going to bed or out, with hair that smells of smoke. Luckily, if you’re in a hurry, you need not worry, as there are several scents available from Batiste that will leave your hair feeling and smelling fresh and newly washed.

The scent of the paisley variant is fruity and quirky! It includes notes of grapefruit, lime, apple, raspberry, vanilla and musk. I adore the packaging design as it is both colourful and suits the scent.

Overall, Batiste targets convenience with style and splendour! They offer stunning designs, different variants in scents and colours that are suited to each individual’s need (there are even travel sized ones, for festivals, gym bags and handbags!)

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