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This week has been one helluva hectic one – and it’s only Tuesday!

Axl continues to reach milestones left right and centre. He is now sitting on his own, running circles around me in his walking-ring, and his bottom two teeth are about to break through! Not to mention his appetite seems to have doubled in the last week.

We have carried on introducing solids – Purity, that is – he gobbles up half of the jar at a feed and he simply loves carrots. I have started giving him the Purity concentrated apple juice, throughout the day. He enjoys sipping on it, while watching Curious George. (I am so grateful for Netflix, simply because there are constantly new episodes and it can be played on demand!)

Axl is loving technology, he can spot a TV in any room without fail! Two weeks ago, we were at lunch and he was sitting in a high chair, I was trying to give him his bottle but he was so busy moving his head from one side to the other, I couldn’t keep up. Poor kid, wanted to see both TVs at the same time. He has also learnt that there are really cool games on my phone. Believe it or not, but Fischer Price offers loads of FREE apps on the PlayStore, he enjoys the music and being able to change the pages of the books. However, trying to get my phone back is a problem as he does this ‘fake’cry which eventually leads to a full-blown tantrum.

So that leads to a question, what do you do when your 5 month old throws a tantrum? Darren and I both look at each other not knowing how to handle this situation. On Saturday, we were at lunch and he had woken up so I put him in a high chair. He played happily with his toys for awhile until he spotted my phone, to which he started trying to grab it. I passed it over and put on his games, but as soon as he closed it by mistake – he would scream and cry.

Despite that challenge, I am loving watching Axl’s personality develop.

He has mastered the walking ring like a pro and has figured out how to zoom around our entire house. I have moved the coffee table in the lounge, so that he can zoom faster. He loves chasing the dogs but sometimes corners them and tries to grab them, with pure excitement. The joy on his face when he spots me and can actually manoeuvre over to me, is priceless. He screeches and throws his arms up, just to get a quick cuddle before he is off again. Yesterday, he discovered Bongie’s skirt, he kept grabbing on it and laughing, then he realized that he could do it with my pants while I cooked. It has been great being able to put him down while he keeps himself happy so that I can do things like cook, eat, work, etc. However, we have noticed that pretty soon, we will need to baby proof and there is A LOT to baby proof.

I have noticed how he will come to me just for cuddles. I find it so cute how he will rest his head against me, and play with my necklace. The other day, he was sitting next to me playing, he turned and laid down and with a little shuffle here and there, he managed to put his head right against my chest and drifted off to sleep.

Bathtime has also been a milestone for us, this week. Axl is finally big enough to sit in a bath ring. (While I’d like to attach pictures – I do believe it is against the law, these days.) Anyway, what the bath ring does is provides support so that he can sit up and play with his toys. He is loving the fact that there are toys in the bath now, he kicks them, splashes and every now and then looks at me and screeches in pure delight.

One of the bigger milestones that we have reached is finally sitting on his own. Although he is not completely stable, he is getting great at it, on the daily basis. He especially loves sitting on the bed, playing with his toys.

And finally, through all the teething wars, we’re beginning to see two little toothies, coming through. Today, I checked and the gums are white, the teeth are just below the surface! I am hoping to see those chompers soon!

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