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Meet the #MomBoss: Lia and Reese

Meet The #MomBoss - By Megan KellyAs part of The Mom’s Guide, I wanted to create a platform that introduces and promotes local mom-owned business who offer services and products aimed at new and expecting parents. Meet the #MomBoss is a series where I’ll be chatting to all sorts of moms who own their own businesses, to find out how they manage to juggle their many roles and share their advice for moms who are considering doing the same.

This week, we are chatting to Janine who owns Lia and Reese. Lia and Reese is a boutique store specializing in Maternity and Nursing Wear, Nursery Furniture and Décor as well as Baby Accessories.

What gave you the idea to start your mom-owned business?

When I fell pregnant with my 2nd daughter, 8 years after my firstborn, I realized that popular chain stores no longer stock maternity wear. Numerous maternity wear online shops were available, but feeling uncomfortable with nothing fitting I didn’t like the idea of online preggy-wear shopping. So, I opened my own maternity boutique where mommy-to-be’s can look, feel and try on maternity and nursing wear when buying.

What is the greatest challenge of being a mom-owned business?

The never-ending work/life balance. Being a Mommy of 2 (almost 3) – aged 8 and 15 months, with a baby girl due in May, it is hard to juggle my responsibilities as a parent with the responsibilities and duties I have towards the boutique. Having a supportive husband and a wonderful assistant manager helps.

Lia and Reese - By Megan KellyHow do you overcome this challenge?

The struggle will always continue! Work is work but when my children need me, I give them all the time and attention they need. Once you miss a moment with them, you can never get it back. When my family are sleeping, I catch-up on admin. Delegating certain duties to staff also helps to free up my time.

What is your secret weapon to managing the demands of being a business owner and mom?

Routine, routine, routine! All kids need a routine!

What do you love about being a mom and business owner?

I can relate to my clients – Being a mom, (and pregnant) myself makes my clients feel comfortable here. I don’t stock products/items that I don’t believe in or use myself. So, I can speak from experience.

What’s the one thing that you wouldn’t change about juggling these roles?

It keeps me in the know of what is happening in the world of mommies – new fads, products, etc

What are 3 things that you can’t go a day without, and that help you juggle your role as a mom and business owner?

My cellphone – keeps me in touch with my clients, calendar, and emails even when I am next to the sports field supporting my daughter.

My Diary – for taking done notes.

A photo of my beautiful family – reminds me of how blessed I am and that what I am doing is for them.

What’s your one piece of advice for moms who are thinking of leaving their day-job, to become a business owner?

It’s not easy, but nothing in life comes easily. Success is only achieved by constant hard work, perseverance and getting out of your comfort zone!

For more information about Lia and Reese, follow them on Facebook.

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I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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