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Your Baby’s Sleep Companion: Lulla Doll

Before Eli was born, I was told by a friend in Australia about Lulla doll and was excited to discover that they had recently launched in South Africa. The brand were kind enough to send me a Lulla Doll to try for ourselves and we’ve been loving her ever since.

Lulla Doll - By Megan KellyLulla doll is a sleep companion for preemies, babies, and toddlers and was first made to meet the needs of preemies. Babies are not meant to sleep in complete isolation as it deprives them of sensory interaction. Closeness and the sound of a heartbeat and breathing are said to have a stabilizing and calming effect, which has been studied for decades. So, you’re probably wondering how Lulla is any different from other sleep companions. Well, the magic lies in Lulla’s heart – no, really! The Lulla doll is made from natural cotton, but inside is a sound box that makes the soothing sounds of real-life breathing and a heartbeat, so that even when you aren’t holding your baby they still feel the sense of security by the familiar sound of a parent or caregiver nearby.

At first, the Lulla doll seems like a simple design, but when you take a closer look, you will notice how much thought and research has been put into making Lulla the perfect companion for your baby. As mentioned, Lulla is made with soft natural cotton, which is machine washable and has the ability to absorb scent. Parents are encouraged to keep the doll close before introducing it to their child, for an added sense of security. Forget about white noise, the Lulla doll has a removable sound box that plays the real-life breathing and heartbeat of a mother who is a yoga teacher. The sound plays for 8-hours so that even when your child stirs awake at night, they are comforted by the sound, scent, and softness of Lulla and will drift back to sleep.

Sleep companions are meant to promote better, longer sleep by helping to imitate the closeness of a parent, while your baby rests. Have you ever noticed how well your baby sleeps on your chest, or how your toddler crawls into your bed at 2 am, craving your closeness? Lulla’s unique design takes the comfort factor of a sleep companion one step further, by including the sound of breathing and a heartbeat, to help improve the sleep of even the most restless children.

The brains behind the Lulla doll recognizes the many benefits of co-sleeping but also realizes that it isn’t always possible, so wanted to offer parents and caregivers something that would imitate that closeness. While nothing can replace human contact, Lulla aims to be second best.

Our experience with Lulla was somewhat surprising. At first, we had intended on introducing her as a sleep companion to our newborn, Eli, but I started noticing that our toddler had taken an interest in Lulla and very soon, he had claimed her as his own. I don’t really mind though as his sleep had become interrupted and restless since the arrival of his baby brother. We have a family bed (queen bed + single bed + co-sleeping cot, all joined) but my toddler was struggling to adjust to no longer sleeping next to me and would wake throughout the night, often more than our newborn. Since Lulla’s arrival, he has been sleeping much better and no longer wakes us to climb into our bed. It’s weird seeing him attached to a sleep companion because he never took to one as a baby, I realize that this could be due to the fact that I never introduced it correctly. Thankfully, you can find a comprehensive guide to introducing Lulla to your child on their website, over here and after ordering your own, they kindly send over a little help guide, too!

The Lulla Doll retails for R999 and can be purchased online, here. For more information, tips and snaps of Lulla, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they are very helpful in answering questions.

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