products to survive a newborn - By Megan Kelly

5 Products to survive the 1st week of having a newborn

products to survive a newborn - By Megan KellyMy darling Eli has already been with us for a full week and I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. Our first week of newborn bliss seemed to be really busy as it fell over a long weekend, so we had a lot of visiting family who used the weekend as an excuse to come over and meet our baby boy. To ease back into the habit of blogging, I thought I’d share some of the products that we’ve been using non-stop over the last week, making our sleep-deprived lives just a little bit easier.products to survive a newborn - By Megan Kelly

Mama Mio Boob Tube - By Megan Kelly1. Mama Mio Boob Tube Cream

Oh boy! With Axl, I didn’t really experience the usual aches and pains that come with breastfeeding. Sure, there was some discomfort, but nothing in comparison to what I’ve gone through with Eli. As expected, around day 3 after giving birth, my milk started to come in and by that night, my boobs had grown to the size of rugby balls; were hard and sensitive but worst of all, my milk just wouldn’t come out, much to Eli’s frustration. So, I did what every mom does at 2 am and googled ways to ease the pain. I sat alternating heat and cold packs, massaging, and expressing but after 20 minutes, I still hadn’t managed to get the built-up milk to express and when it did eventually start dripping, it was excruciatingly painful. I barely got any sleep that night, and it was about 5 am when I remembered that I had Mama Mio’s Boob Tube Cream, so I thought that I’d give it a go. Not long after applying it, the pain seemed to ease and my milk flowed without me even trying to express. I couldn’t believe just how effective it was at soothing the pain.

Mama Mio’s Boob Tube Cream is packed with vital Omegas that help to lock in hydration, strengthen and elasticize the skin. The magic ingredient, however, is red cabbage extract which serves as a source of Vitamin C and E, as well as green cabbage extract. You may find that people tell you to use cabbage leaves to soothe your engorged breasts, which admittedly may come across crazy but thankfully, Mama Mio has created a nifty product that provides all the benefits of cabbage leaves without leaving you looking like a salad.

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Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus - By Megan Kelly2. Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus Car Seat

Despite having just gotten out of the hospital, Eli was born at one of the craziest times of our lives (more on that later). We ended up needing to zip around quite a bit over the first few days, and the pros of having an ISOFIX car seat from Maxi-Cosi became abundantly clear. Besides the ease of installing the car seat and base, I love how I don’t have to wake up Eli or struggle with the seat belt to get him in and out of the car. The ISOFIX base has three little lights which indicate whether the seat is correctly installed or not, I have come to appreciate this feature as it’s little “ding-sound” confirms that I have clipped the seat safely into place. Our Pebble Plus car seat offers comfort, convenience and most of all, safety which gives me peace of mind, when traveling with our newborn. I also really like how our car seat works with our Maxi-Cosi Stella Travel System, which is a dream to push around. I know this sounds weird, but with Axl, we really struggled with finding a good pram. My husband is really tall and I am well… really short, so he always hated pushing the pram because it would hurt his back doing so. Thankfully, our travel system has an adjustable handle which can be changed to suit your height. Another feature that I love is that it is made to go on any terrain – you will not believe how smoothly it lifts to climb curbs, or how it glides over gravel or stones. Yes, I just made our Stella travel system sound like a luxury SUV, but if you’re a new mom, you will completely understand!

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Love My Body Creations Breastfeeding Range - By Megan Kelly

Credit: Love My Body Creations

3. Love My Body Nursing Tops

I really love the convenience of having tops that are designed for nursing mommies. Of course, I have more shirts that are not nursing friendly than ones that are, but the few that I do have, have been in circulation over these last few days and I am adamant on getting more ASAP. Love My Body Creations gave me 2 nursing tops and a nursing PJs, just before I was due to give birth, and while I loved them very much during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I only truly appreciated their convenient designs after welcoming Eli. Although I breastfed Axl for 2 years, I still don’t feel comfortable feeding in front of people especially men, and having to fiddle with my top or try cover up can often draw more attention to me feeding than actually feeding. These tops have become my go to, especially when going out in public, as their design offers a discreet way of feeding, without causing too much fuss. As always, Love My Body’s clothing offers incredible quality, flattering fits, inclusive sizing, and all made with the softest materials.

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 Oh Lief Natural Grapefruit lip balm - b4. Oh-Lief Lip Balm

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started experiencing really dry lips which I am imagining had something to do with the combination of a change in season and my own hormones. But after giving birth, my lips became like sandpaper. Thankfully, pregnant me thought to pack my Oh-Lief lip balm into my hospital bag, where it was put to good use. In fact, I think it may just be the first lip balm that I actually finish – say whaaaat!? The Oh-Lief lip balm is made from a rich blend of organic oils that work to leave your lips feeling hydrated and naturally nourished. I chose the grapefruit variant which is a fresh scent and perfect for everyday wear.

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Sleepyheads Pod - By Megan Kelly5. Sleepyhead Pod

I knew that I’d get good use from my Sleepyhead pod, but I had no idea it would be THIS handy. Quite literally from the time we got home from the hospital, I have been using the pod all around the house. For everything from sleeping, feeding, lounging and even changing nappies, I have found such great use of it. A few people had mentioned that while they love the idea and concept of Sleepyhead, they didn’t know whether the price tag was worth it – well, I can say that in just my first week, it has done more than earned its worth. With Axl, I had a sleep positioner in his cot, but always found that it would lift, get caught under him or would never quite look right – it was very frustrating! But with the pod, it snuggles my baby just right, lifts his head to a comfortable height, and leaves him resting peacefully. I also really like that it is light offering practical mobility, it’s made to be durable, and the cover is easy to remove to throw in the wash. I have just seen that Sleephyhead has announced their latest product available online, which is their toy bar, and something I will definitely be buying in the next month or two.

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I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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