The Spindel Review - By Megan Kelly

Mom’s Little Winter Helper: The Spindel

The Spindel - By Megan Kelly

I will admit that having a baby in the middle of winter had me a bit worried, as I wasn’t quite sure how I would keep up with the never-ending pile of newborn washing. Usually, when I fall behind, I send my washing to the local dryers but having had more than a few items return a little smaller and tighter than before, I have been put off from doing so on a regular basis.

The Spindel Review - By Megan Kelly

Of course, I have the option of investing in a tumble dryer too, but after seeing the hype of the Spindel across social media and fellow mommy-blogs, I started doing a little research to see if this is a better option for my family, and was kindly offered to try one for ourselves.

Tumble dryers tend to take up a lot of space, drain energy, and are notoriously known for shrinking certain fabrics. The Spindel is a specialist laundry dryer which uses spin power to remove excess water and works to extract minerals and the residuals left from detergents, from fabrics. While washing machines already have a spin function, the spindle offers a spin that is double the power of most washing machines (2800rpm). It also only takes 3 minutes to run a cycle, which helps to remove most of the moisture from your laundry, reducing the time of air drying significantly.

The Spindel Review - By Megan KellyWe are in the midst of considering a move back to town, which will likely mean a smaller home. So, I don’t necessarily want to worry about having the space for a tumble dryer and love how conveniently small the Spindel is – I mean, it’s a little bigger than a nappy bin! But don’t let its size fool you into thinking that its only ideal for small items like baby clothes. In fact, I have managed to spin-dry 3-4 large towels at a time, and if your house is anything like mine, all your towels are usually in the wash at the same time… when it’s raining cats and dogs! Towels are my literal worst, so having the convenience of the Spindel, more than halving my drying time really helped me keep a handle on my laundry.

The Spindel also happens to be safe to use on all fabrics – yep, even your favourite, treasured silk blouse. The spin action helps to ensure that your laundry doesn’t tumble around, which is what usually causes the stretching and knotting of certain items (like bras!). And because the Spindel doesn’t use any heat, but rather a spinning action, it won’t cause shrinkage in delicate fabrics like wool (perfect for winter wear!).

I think what is most impressive about the Spindel is how little energy it consumes. We are on prepaid electricity, so I tend to keep track of our energy consumption. I have heard that tumble dryers can be quite a sap on energy and I wasn’t too keen on forking out the initial cost PLUS ongoing costs of electricity. The Spindel can run more than 65 cycles on just one unit of electricity, while your average tumble dryer consumes more than 3 units of electricity to power a single cycle.

Sure, the Spindel doesn’t completely dry your clothes but rather it removes the excess moisture which usually adds a significant amount of time to your drying. This means that depending on the fabric, your clothes may be near to dry and just requires a quick iron, while other fabrics like cotton clothing and towels can be air-dryed, indoors overnight. If you already have a tumble dryer, you can even combine the use of both household appliances, as the introduction of the Spindel reduces the time of your tumble-drying cycle by as much as 70%, which will also reduce energy consumption.

There are two versions of the Spindel; The 4,5-kg capacity retails for R1,949 and the 6,5-kg capacity retails for R2,199 on Takealot . Both models are compact and weigh less than 8.7-kgs, and with the bigger unit only measuring 64 cm in height, it is both light and compact to pack away (take it from the 38-week pregnant momma, who is nesting by washing all the baby’s clothes!) For a full list of stockists, see here.

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