WIN The Baby Throne - By Megan Kelly

Potty Training your toddler with The Baby Throne

Baby Throne - By Megan Kelly


A few months ago, I gave away The Baby Throne as one of the ultimate baby shower gifts for new and expecting moms. As outlined, in that post which you can find here, I mentioned that The Baby Throne can save you thousands on nappies, as you can start using it from as young as just 4 months! Nappies aren’t quite a one-size fits all sort of gift and very often, parents have already done their research and have a preference of which brand they would like to use for their baby or would prefer to take a more environmentally friendly approach, so it is a good idea to have a group of friends chip in, to purchase The Baby Throne for a new or expecting mom.

WIN The Baby Throne - By Megan KellyWe were also sent The Baby Throne to try, with our own kiddies. Axl, who recently turned 3 years old, isn’t potty trained, much to my own frustration. You see, my kid has taken to all things with the greatest of ease – it is actually quite ridiculous how easy he has been! From sleeping in his own bed, giving up his dummy, weaning from the breast, riding a bike – EVERYTHING has been a walk in the park!

My plan had always been to start potty training him once he had started school, earlier this year, but as you know – that didn’t go very well and after a week or two, we took him out of school. That whole ordeal has lead to months – yes, MONTHS! – of bath time being riddled with anxieties that often lead to tears from both Axl and myself, and even though we’re still not back to where we used to be, every day is a little bit of progress.

Sadly, this has lead to me having to delay potty training. The short version of the story is that Axl doesn’t like the idea of being without his clothes and just the mere mention of potty, can lead him into a full-blown temper tantrum which may or may not see a potty being thrown at me. Okay, it’s a slow progress. So, while we’re still not quite at the point of potty trained, we have learnt a thing or two about potty training, thanks to The Baby Throne, which has us feeling better prepared for our second son, Eli.

I honestly regret waiting so long to potty train, and wish I had known better or at least had known about The Baby Throne earlier. As their website explains very well, toddlers are tricky – they have been taught to “go” in their nappies for so long and in a sense, you have to spend unnecessary time unteaching them this. Toddlers already have a sense of independence and feel that they know how to do something, so they can be against learning how to do it differently, which results in my current conundrum of temper tantrums and rebellion. As mentioned, The Baby Throne can be used from the time babies can sit unaided, which is usually around 4 months old.

WIN The Baby Throne - By Megan Kelly

The unique design of The Baby Throne comfortably holds your baby in the right position to trigger the instinct to push, and the three steps are a gradual progression onto the toilet. It seems more sensible to start earlier, eliminating the need for nappies from younger and thereby skipping the part where you have to unteach them to use nappies.

The Baby Throne is made from a soft, comfortable material that gently holds your baby or toddler in a squatting position. I have since seen the introduction of stools (for adults) that you can put on the floor, next to your toilet, to imitate the same positioning as The Baby Throne. This unique positioning allows for easy and complete elimination of waste from the bowel, meaning that your baby strains less, which is healthier for them.

WIN The Baby Throne - By Megan Kelly


Be patient:

Despite the many articles that promise to potty train your toddler in just 3 days, every child is different and will react differently to potty training. Remember that this is a new experience which can be scary and overwhelming.

Introduce them to The Baby Throne:

Again, this is an entirely new experience, so allow them to familiarize themselves with The Baby Throne, before expecting them to use it to “go potty.” You can make a big deal once The Baby Throne arrives, put it the area where they usually play and encourage them to sit on it, remember to tell them what a big boy/girl they are, for sitting on their new Baby Throne.

Chat to them:

Toddlers understand a lot more than you realize! Be sure to chat to them about using The Baby Throne, explain that they will be using the toilet just like mommy/daddy (or their older sibling), and how they’ll be able to pick and wear pretty underwear with their favourite characters on.

Let them pick their new “big kid” panties/underpants:

Axl really likes dinosaurs, so he was very excited to find dinosaur underpants in his size. Remember, that the first few days will most likely have you going through quite a few underpants, so be sure to pick up a bunch of packs. (Tip: we found really nice and affordable ones from PEP)

Create a reward chart:

Pinterest has so many cool free printables, so look for one that will intrigue your toddler and have them excited. Perhaps look for one that they can colour in, or print out a few and let them choose one that they like the most. Be sure to pick up a pack of gold stars or smileys, so that they can excitedly stick a star after each time they use The Baby Throne.

Pick a reward that they’ll love:

Axl really likes Hot Wheels, so they’ve quickly become our secret weapon when we want to reward him for things like brushing his teeth, going to the toilet, bathing, etc. We keep a reward chart, and after he successfully gets 5 or 10 stars, he gets a new car. We don’t believe in giving sweets or food as rewards, so we prefer to buy the bulk packs of Hot Wheels for those times that he deserve a very big deal of his achievement.

Positive affirmation is key:

I know, I know – every time they make a mess, you want to lose your mind. Don’t show your frustration though, as it can result in your toddler being too scared to go to the toilet. Rather focus on making a very big deal of them successfully going to the toilet. Praise, sing, tell daddy and granny all about their big boy/ girl achievement. Remember that when they do make a mess, to remain encouraging and supportive – tell them that it is okay, and that they should just keep trying. Remind them what The Baby Throne is there for, show them their reward chart and reaffirm that they’ll do better next time.

Hang in there:

It can be challenging to remain positive and some days seem like one mess after the next, but be consistent and in time, your toddler will take to the new habit of using The Baby Throne. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a golden star, if you’d prefer!) and just keep doing what you’re doing, momma bear!

My best advice is if you can, start potty training sooner! Order a Baby Throne and follow their helpful guide to potty training earlier, especially when your baby is still wanting to please you, instead of them always challenging you (thanks terrible twos and my darling threenager!). However, just because you waited, like me, doesn’t mean that you are destined for failure. Keep at it, your toddler will eventually come around and when he does, you’ll be right there cheering him on!

Get The Baby Throne

The Baby Throne retails for R999. You can get yours from The Baby Throne website, which is full of information and resources to assist and guide you in using their exciting product. Remember to also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for helpful hints and tips.

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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