Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan Kelly

Protecting your children from mosquitoes

Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan KellyI have always been a bit pedantic when it comes to mosquitoes because when I was a child, my parents found out that I was allergic to mosquitoes and dust mites. My bites would turn into blisters, and later lesions, which would take really long to heal, and often would leave scars. So, it isn’t any surprise, that I have always adopted extra measures to protect my own children from a similar fate. Though we are slowly (very, very slowly) transitioning to the cooler season, I am still having a massive problem with mosquitoes, which has prompted a quick share on how I protect my children from waking up, covered in bites.

1. Cover up

Minimize the exposed areas by dressing your baby or toddler in lightweight and loose fitting clothing. For babies, choose something like onesies, as they are less likely to roll up and reveal bits of their skin and for children, be sure to cover up with clothing like loose-fitted PJ pants, a vest, and socks. Try avoiding clothing like shorts, dresses and sleeveless tops. Also, remember that mozzies can usually bite through anything that is too well-fitted.

2. Mosquito Nets

Mosquito season is during summer, so covering every inch of your child’s body isn’t always an option, especially if you’re wanting them to sleep through comfortably. We found that having a mosquito net hung over the baby’s crib always helped.  Remember to always check the net before bed, to ensure that there isn’t a mosquito trapped inside.

Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan Kelly

3. Mosquito Repellent Safe for Children

Both options above, aren’t always ideal; your child may get too hot with being covered, or the net may become ineffective if you’re taking your baby in and out of their crib, during the night. Truth is, I always prefer having an extra layer of protection to ensure that even when my children are out and about, they are still safe from mozzies. However, there aren’t very many mosquito repellents safe to use on children and free of horrible odours and harmful substances. Thankfully, Chicco has recently introduced their Zanza Anti-Mosquito range, perfect to use on your whole family!

The Zanza range is quite extensive and offers 3 different mosquito repellents which include a roll-on, gel and spray-on variant. The range also goes on to offer convenient wipes, an anti-mosquito plug and an after-bite roll-on.Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan Kelly

We recently gave the range a try, and loved that they offered so many different solutions. For our always-busy toddler, we found that the spray-on variant was easier to apply, while the gel and roll-on variants work well for younger children (and this preggy mom!). The wipes are convenient as they are individually wrapped and perfect to be added to your nappy bag, so that even when you’re out and on the move, you can have peace of mind by simply wiping down your baby and ensuring their protection from mozzies. I found these especially helpful when a lunch turns into a late braai, and the mozzies are out in full force, just ready to feast on everybody!

The entire range is formulated to provide natural protection from insect bite and is suitable for even the most sensitive and delicate skin of newborns and pregnant women. The Zanza range includes a natural extract from a species of Eucalyptus, found in Australia, called Citrodiol which is widely recognized for its repellent properties. As with all of Chicco’s products, they ensure your family’s safety and have had the entire Zanza range dermatologically tested, proving safe and suitable for the most delicate skin. With no added alcohol, colouring or parabens, Chicco products are specially adapted for children and pregnant moms’ skin.Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan Kelly

One of our absolute favourite products, (and one that is already empty), is the Chicco Zanza After-Bite Roll-On. As I mentioned, I break out in blisters whenever I get bitten by a mosquito, and while I haven’t experienced this in a long time, during my pregnancy with Eli, my allergies seem heightened. Long story short, my ankles were covered in bites and the itching was keeping me up at night. A simple roll of the After-Bite Roll-On from Chicco, and I was good to go! Its natural formulation contains extracts of Zanthoxylum, a Chinese plant which is known for its soothing properties. The formula also contains menthol for cooling sensation. Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range - By Megan Kelly

Overall, we believe the entire Chicco range is an absolute must, especially in summer. We love and believe in using all of their products, so much that we will also be picking up the Chicco Zanza Ultrasound Anti-Mosquito Plug-In, just in time for Eli’s arrival.

Have you heard of Chicco’s Zanza Anti-Mosquito Range? I’d love to know what you think!

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I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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