Baby Sense Bamboo Muslin Receiver - By Megan Kelly

Understanding Baby Blankets with Baby Sense

understanding baby blankets - By Megan Kelly

A few minutes down the blanket aisle can have you questioning everything that you thought you knew about becoming parents. Gone are the days where a blanket is just a blanket. Now, you need to start considering that your tiny human can’t really tell you that they’re getting too hot or cold, and that some blankets can pose a risk which may result in SIDS. Honestly, I can physically see the difference between the baby blankets on offer, but I still struggle to see the needs for each, so I have paired up with Baby Sense to understand more about baby blankets and what it is we actually need to know.

Bamboo Receiver

Baby Sense Bamboo Muslin Receiver - By Megan Kelly Price: R180

Available in: Blue, Pink and Gray

Baby Sense Bamboo Muslin Receiver - By Megan Kelly Receiver blankets are the most versatile blankets and can be used from newborn, right through to the toddler years. They are great for swaddling, or to use as a protective barrier between your baby and a new surface. Baby Sense offers a hypoallergenic bamboo receiver which has a silk-like texture, that is lightweight and great for all year long.

The blanket measures at a generous 1m², giving you a good amount of material to wrap up your baby comfortably, without there being too much excess. The size adds to its versatility, as it can conveniently be used as a pram or baby carrier cover while you’re out and about, to shade your baby from the elements, and thanks to its breathable material, you won’t have to worry about trapping in too much heat. The material has a gentle stretch, allowing for a snug and comfortable wrap that is soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

Interestingly,  bamboo receivers are antibacterial, as it absorbs more moisture than cotton and is naturally silky to the touch, breathable and eco-friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource on earth and with no pesticides needed for its growth, bamboo is naturally pest and pathogen resistant.

Baby Sense Muslin Receiver - By Megan Kelly

The many ways that Baby Sense’ Receivers are used

Muslin Receiver

Baby Sense Muslin Receiver - By Megan KellyPrice: R175

Available in: Blue, Pink and Stone

Baby Sense Muslin Receiver - By Megan KellyJust like the bamboo receiver, the muslin receiver from Baby Sense offers the same versatility and convenience. The biggest difference between the two is that while the bamboo receiver is made from bamboo, the muslin receiver is made from 100% cotton and is larger in size (110 X 110cm). The muslin receiver is still very lightweight and the unique muslin weave allows for natural airflow.

Muslin fabric is ideal for hot climates as you don’t run the risk of overheating, while still keeping your baby comfortably warm. The woven cotton allows for breathability and temperature regulation, as well as the ability to absorb body moisture.

Cellular Blanket

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket - By Megan KellyPrice: R220

Available in: White blanket with stone hearts, white blanket with rainbow hearts, white blanket with elephants, gray blanket with bunnies

Baby Sense Cellular Blanket - By Megan KellyCellular blankets are a thicker (yet, still very light) woven blanket, which is recommended to be used especially with newborns as they help to regulate the body’s natural temperature. Meaning that your baby won’t get too warm or too cool. You may notice that hospitals use cellular blankets, as they have holes making the material breathable, while still providing security and comfort to newborns.

I have seen several cellular blankets but have always been put off them because I found that they are far too firm or rough for my baby’s delicate skin, which is why I was so blown away by the softness offered by Baby Sense’s cellular blanket. They really are my preferred blanket, and with it measuring 90 x 110cm, you have a decent sized blanket that offers versatility and safety.

Have you seen these blankets in store, which one do you prefer for your newborn? If you want to get your hands on a few of the Baby Sense blankets (which believe me, you do!) you can visit their online store. Alternatively, Baby Sense products are available at most leading baby retailers including Baby City, Baby Boom, Babies R Us and more. Baby Sense also offers a wealth of knowledge for new and expecting parents on their website.

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