The Mom's Guide - By Megan Kelly

The wait is over… Introducing The Mom’s Guide

The Mom's Guide - By Megan Kelly

As you know, we are expecting Baby Eli James in June and with his much-anticipated arrival, I already knew and had planned for my blog to slowly make the transition back to featuring more parenting styled posts. Parenting has always been part of this platform, but with last year’s campaigns being angled towards #365BeautyTips and the Body Positive Bucket List, it was hard to find a balance. However, no matter what, I kept circling back to parenting and wanting to write more parenting-related content – it is one of the places where my blog has been acknowledged the most and it continues to be a growing subject in my personal capacity. In other words, I have A LOT to say about parenting.

The inspiration behind The Mom’s Guide

I thought that being a second-time mom, shopping for baby Eli would be easier than the first time around. For the most part, I already knew which brands and products worked for Axl and I figured that there is nothing that could overwhelm this well-oiled machine, that was until I picked up my first parenting magazine or better yet, read through a few blogs. I was confronted by so many varying reviews and hundreds of products within one category. One review read that X brand was the very best but fast forward 2 months later, and they featured another review saying that Y brand was the best. By this point I was confused, there were so many products and reviews that they all sort of mixed and meshed into one, getting lost in my confusion and anxiety.

I realize that I cannot be the only expecting mom to have these feelings and decided to provide a solution for new and expecting moms. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to ‘The Mom’s Guide,’ your one-stop platform, that provides informative articles, reviews, product guides, resources, printables and more about the brands that we love and trust.

I am bringing back the fun and excitement of becoming a parent with the introduction of a platform that aims to be your cheat sheet, offering articles that help you navigate the early days of parenthood without all the fuss!

Meet our collaborating brand sponsors

To do this, I have approached some of my favourite brands and will be introducing a few new ones too. I want The Mom’s Guide to not only offer first-hand experience but also valuable advice from professionals. In addition, I would also like to introduce you to local and mom-owned businesses that deserve your support. That being said, the support from these brands is crucial to the success of The Mom’s Guide, and to have gained their belief in this campaign, well it is honestly just the best compliment.


I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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