Uses for FLASH beauty case - By Megan Kelly

[#365BeautyTips] 7 Uses for Swiitch Beauty Makeup Flash Case

The forty-sixth week of #365BeautyTips has come to an end and as promised, I have put together a round-up post which puts all the beauty tips, shared this week, in one place. The idea is to share any extra information and answer the questions that you may have asked on my social media posts. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with my 365 days of beauty challenge, then follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Uses for FLASH beauty case - By Megan Kelly

For my 23rd birthday, I treated myself to the Swiitch Beauty Flash Case which boasts endless amounts of uses, some of which I absolutely adore. So I decided that I’d share some of my favourite uses for the makeup case, incase you’re wanting to get yours in time for Christmas.

For those of you wondering what I am on about, the Swiitch Beauty Flash Case is a palette featuring 12 cream pigments that can be manipulated to be used in multiple ways. In essence, purchasing one flash case, means having an entire beauty arsenal.

Swiitch Holy Grail Flashcase - By Megan Kelly


Probably the thing that I use my Flash Case for the most, is colour correcting! I find that I use such a little bit of the pigment for effective colour correction versus other cream palettes where I have to really get my finger / brush in there to have enough product. The creams blend in well with all of my foundation, and generally leave my skin looking glowy.


foundation shades - By Megan Kelly

Matching your foundation has never been easier. Use the white, peach, brown and yellow pigments to adjust the shade to suit your (or your client’s) skintone. I love that this has made doing other people’s makeup so much easier because of course, I have several foundations that suit my own skintone, but when I am doing someone else’s makeup, it always needs some adjusting. If you’re using just the pigments to create a foundation versus adjusting an existing foundation, set the cream with a translucent powder to avoid too much shininess, especially for oily skin.


Brows on fleek every day, right? Again, with the Swiitch Beauty Holygrail Palette, you can adjust the tone of your brow “gel” to suit you – you may even want to try the new trend of bold neon colours too. The cream pigments works similarly to a brow wax, holding your existing hairs into place.


Longing to own every lip shade that ever existed, and even the ones yet to be created? Now you have the freedom of mixing your own lip shades by using very little bits of the cream pigments, mixing, adjusting and exploring with colours you never knew you could rock!


bold colour eyeliner - By Megan Kelly

Bold colour eyeliner is quickly becoming a thing! Use an eyeliner brush and a pigment of your choice to create daring looks, perfect for the summer. As always, if you don’t already have the colour that you’re looking for, create your own by mixing a little bit of the cream pigments – yep, sorta like back in preschool.


Last year, I discovered cream blushes and absolutely loved rocking them throughout the warmer seasons. Now, with the Swiitch Beauty palette, I can have a different shade of cream blush every day by combining the peach, fuschia, red, white and for a little highlight, the gold and silver too!


Lastly, whether you’re looking to create a dramatic smokey, intense bronzey or elegantly simple eye, you will always have an endless variety of options when it comes to creating your own cream eyeshadows. Using a primer beforehand does wonders to stop the cream from creasing, and the pigments give such great colour that it’s had to go back to anything else!

Swiitch Beauty Flash Colour Palette - By Megan Kelly

I can’t believe this hasn’t already sold out, it’s honestly the best! ? Available from

And that is a wrap on the last 7 days. Whoop-Whoop! Remember that I love any feedback – what have you enjoyed seeing, what would you like to see more of and perhaps if you have any suggestions, questions or products you would like me to chat more about. I really enjoyed the themed days – what themes would you like to see next?

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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