hair dying tips for home - By Megan Kelly

[#365BeautyTips] Tips to dying your hair at home

The thirty- sixth week of #365BeautyTips has come to an end and as promised, I have put together a round-up post which puts all the beauty tips, shared this week, in one place. The idea is to share any extra information and answer the questions that you may have asked on my social media posts. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with my 365 days of beauty challenge, then follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


hair dying tips for home - By Megan Kelly

This week, I have invited Cassarica from Amaze Blog to share 7-tips on dying your hair from the comfort of your home. Sharing good vibes and pretty things

Here’s a little bit about her, “Sharing good vibes and pretty things is my mission in life, My name is Cassarica and I am a lifestyle blogger from the City Of Gold, Johannesburg.

Cassarica Amaze Blog - By Megan KellyI have a major love anything with a splash colourful and to embrace the unicorn in me I flaunt a new hair colour every 6 weeks. I love being able to express myself through my coloured locks but with anything magical it needs to be maintained.

I will be sharing 7 tips on how to get vibrant and funky hair at home while also keeping it in tip top shape so you can be a unicorn too! These tips will not only help you get your mane looking cool but also assist in keeping your colour for longer as well as styling it to perfection. ”

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Manic Panic - By Megan Kelly

Mad about Manic Panic

So many people compliment me on my hair and the many different colours I have been over this past. From pinks to blues and even green I am making my way down the rainbow with my hair! I am currently a perfect shade of purple and I always get asked “where did you get that done?” and I can never get tired of the surprise on peoples faces when I say “my bathroom.” I have been dying my hair different colours in the comfort of my own bathroom at the fraction of the cost a salon would charge with my favourite hair dye Manic Panic. Manic Panic comes in a variety of colours, is vegan (so much yes!,) moisturizes and conditions the hair and can be used on pre-lightened hair or your natural locks. This dye is my secret weapon in having vibrant coloured hair and I always have a bottle or two in my bathroom cupboard. It is also super easy to use, just put it on clean hair, pop on a plastic hair cap and in 30 minutes you will have gorgeous coloured hair. With the correct maintenance the colour can last up to 3 – 4 weeks.


Garnier Ultimate Blends - By Megan KellyLong Lasting Colour

As with most unnatural hair dyes they are only semi-permanent but last around 3- 4 weeks with the proper care. Using a shampoo and conditioner which is sulfate free is very important in maintaining coloured hair. Ever wonder how shampoo has so many suds? Sulfate is the chemical in your shampoo and conditioner that creates the foam but is also capable of stripping your hair of essential oils as well as precious colour. I like using the  Garnier Ultimate Blends, Colour Illuminator  for best results with my purple locks.


Batiste - By Megan KellyDry shampoo is BAE

Dry shampoo has become the holy grail of hair care products. I absolutely love dry shampoo and this is one product I cannot live without. I have fine hair that can get greasy over night which means I need to wash my hair more regularly in order for it to look good. Washing your hair daily can be bad for not only your hair but your hair colour. The more you wash it the more the colour runs. I wash my hair 1 -2 times a week when I am trying to maintain my vibrant colour but due to my oily prone hair this wasn’t possible until I got my hands on Batiste. This product works like no other and keeps my hair fresh and looking good between washes!


Oh So Heavenly - By Megan KellyGood scents and shine

I love how my hair smells after using a shampoo that smells like marshmallows or strawberries but the scent doesn’t always last long. Recently I came across a new gem by Oh So Heavenly, a hair scent mist which is part of their new hair care range. There are a few scents available but the one that caught my eye was, In Full Bloom, Shimmer and Shine Hair Fragrance. This hair mist doesn’t only make your hair smell gorgeous but also has some shimmer in it, to give you an extra bit of glam on a night out.


Jungle Fever - By Megan KellyProtecting Your Locks

It is important to take care of your hair especially if it has been bleached or dyed. Using heat from blow-dryers or straightens can damage and dull the colour in your hair. I make sure to use a heat protecting spray each time I use heat on my hair and to add moisture back into my dry tips, I run a serum through my locks. You can also protect colour by washing your hair in cold water in order to keep the colour longer. My favorite Heat Protecting Spray and Serum is the Jungle Fever Wild Straight Heat Protection Spray and the Shine Serum – they work perfect on my dyed hair.


GHD Remington - By Megan KellyStyling

The best way to style coloured hair is with glamour curls. I always curl my hair when I want to show off my colour and I have learnt a little trick to getting my curls perfect. Before curling my hair I make sure to run a straightener through it first. This tames my locks and keeps it neat for when I curl it. I then use my hair curling iron being careful to wrap my hair around the barrel without twisting the piece of hair I am working with. This results in neat beautiful curls.


TangleAngel - By Megan KellyGood Hair Brush = Good Hair Day

It took me a long time to invest in a good hair brush but once I did I noticed the difference. My hair is tangle prone and I usually have a tough a time taming my locks. I purchased the Tangle Cherub (which is a smaller version of the Tangle Angel) and noticed the difference almost immediately. The brush is anti-bacterial, heat-resistant, anti-static and water-resistant. It untangled my hair with ease and it works great when I am styling and I just love that it is the perfect size to pop into my hand bag when I am on the go.

And that is a wrap on the last 7 days. Whoop-Whoop! Remember that I love any feedback – what have you enjoyed seeing, what would you like to see more of and perhaps if you have any suggestions, questions or products you would like me to chat more about. I really enjoyed the themed days – what themes would you like to see next?


Spring Inspired Lips - By Megan Kelly

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