Creme Classique Review - By Megan Kelly

Crème Classique has Moms Glowing!

Creme Classique Review - By Megan Kelly

It’s not often that I get approached by a brand that I know nothing about, especially in skincare and while I am no skincare guru, I do tend to know a lot of the leading brands. In my opinion, Crème Classique deserves to be right up there with the rest of them, and to spoil this entire post, I should tell you that they’re the real deal.

When Crème Classique first reached out to me, they expressed that their range is carefully designed for new moms. This may sound weird, especially if you haven’t experienced the hormonal changes of motherhood but thinking back, my pregnancy saw me having the clearest skin, the shiniest, longest and thickest hair, not to mention strong nails, too. Besides my morning sickness, I felt incredible during pregnancy, but 2 days after delivering my bundle of pooping, screaming joy, I was fishing my long, thick locks from the drain and my skin was one hot inflamed mess. As if motherhood wasn’t tough enough, I had to also deal with the insecurities that can come along with bad looking skin, drained and tired eyes and poop… lots of newborn poop.

Now, I am not a new mom anymore. In fact, the way my toddler acts, I feel like a referee and the mom to a teenager. But that’s a story for another day. Despite having welcomed my son many moons ago, I am still plagued with frequent imbalances that cause red inflammation, lots of blackheads and the dreaded blind and painful pimples. Sure, I have tried skincare that solves it temporarily, but as with anything, it takes awhile for it to really make any difference and you have to be consistent with your treatments.

Crème Classique went over and beyond with a press kit that seriously impressed. Half of the products included, I had never heard of but I was thrilled to really give the range a go. They didn’t just send the usual cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. Nope, they sent supplements, spot-treatments, lip-ice, SPF, my daily skin routine as well as products that are used to treat those dreaded breakouts that I keep speaking about.

So here’s what you need to know about Crème Classique

Their range is very extensive. I mean, they offer the whole shebang! From hand creams, to skincare solutions, to shampoo and conditioner – they have it all! Also, if you’re looking at their online shop and you have no idea what you need, get in touch with them because their Dermies really know what’s up, and I say this merely because I sent an email explaining very briefly what my skincare concerns were and received products that completely targetted those problems. It wasn’t a 6-12 week wait, I saw results from day: 1.

Crème Classique   - By Megan Kelly

Guys, I don’t like harping on and on about a brand, but Crème Classique really and truly are a hidden gem and if you struggle with your skin, you need to give them a try. In addition, I looked over a few products that stood out from their range and didn’t find their products to be half as expensive as I had anticipated. Good skincare doesn’t have to cost you a limb, and with a few cleverly selected products, I believe you can get everything you’re looking for, from their range, at an affordable price, too.

I really gave their products a good test, paying special attention to how it reacted and changed my skin throughout the month, you know because women can become a little over-emotional (and hormonal) for a week or so. I have already selected a few new products that I am going to be purchasing soon, but the products that stood out as my one-stop overnight acne solution were their Glycolic Peel, Acne Gel and Evening Mask.

In all honesty, the products did not all have to be used at once and don’t rely on the other for better results. For the most part, I used them on their own just to see how effective they would be, but man, the Evening Mask is definitely a repurchase! I mean, if y’all looking for something that gets in there, cleans up and leaves you looking great before you wake up, this one is for you but I am getting ahead of myself.

Glycolic Peel

Crème Classique Glycolic Peel - By Megan KellyYears ago, I tried my first Glycolic product and saw tragic results but after a little trial and error I found that Nip+Fab’s Glycolic range was the best on the market. However, maintenance-wise, it ended up drying my skin out and left it looking a little worn. The Crème Classique Glycolic Peel targets severe acne and is only to be applied on the affected area. This means that if you only break out on your forehead, your cheeks won’t suffer at the cost of using Glycolic. Also, you should only be using Crème Classique Glycolic Peel for 3-5 days consecutively, and leave it on for no more than 5 minutes, before rinsing off. Understanding their instructions, I was ready to tackle my acne and by my 2nd or 3rd day of application, I could already see no need for the product, until my next stress-attack or hormonal change. It was quick, effective and didn’t come accompanied by the usual harsh dryness.

The Crème Classique Glycolic Peel retails R340 for 100ml and boasts 10% Glycolic. Considering how little I ended up using, I figure that it’s at least a 6 month supply, which works out to be like R56/month. Not too shabby, ey Nig’?

Acne Gel

Crème Classique Acne Gel - By Megan KellyOkay, so this one isn’t for everybody. I will admit that it stings and tingles a little, but it gets the job done! Crème Classique‘s Acne Gel is a gel that works to treat acne, blackheads and blemishes. It contains Benzol Peroxide which means that it may not be the best product to use if you’re prone to having sensitive skin. Personally, other than the little sting – it was alright! However, I only read a couple days ago, that you need to watch when applying around your hairline, eyebrows, clothes and towels as it may bleach anything in its path. I have been lucky to avoid that altogether and now that I am aware of the risk, I will take special care around my brows- thank heavens that they didn’t turn orange.

Pro tip: Use some Vaseline on your eyebrows and hairline before using the acne gel, to create a barrier and protect anything from bleaching. Afterward, just clear it away with damp cotton wool. 

I found that I only really needed the Crème Classique Acne Gel for about 2 weeks out of the month – when my skin was acting up. I applied the gel all over my face, paying special attention to my affected areas. Unlike the Glycolic Peel, this can be used for as long as needed, twice a day after washing your face with a cleanser. You can expect to pay around R185 for a 50 ml tube that will probably last about 2-3 months, depending on how often you end up using the product.

Evening Mask

Crème Classique Evening Mask - By Megan KellyThis, right here, is the creme da le creme of fixer uppers. As I already said, this product is one that I will without a doubt be repurchasing. After cleansing, I apply the mask, which sort of dries like a clay mask. I leave it overnight and by the morning, majority of the mask has already absorbed into my skin. During my morning skincare routine, I wash away any white marks that may still remain and BAM! My face is clearer. The Crème Classique Evening Mask dries out pimples and draws out even the most stubborn blackheads. Surprisingly, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or flaky but seemed to only treat my acne prone skin, revealing gorgeously clear skin by the morning.

The mask must be used overnight to give it enough time to really get in there and work it’s magic, and can be used for a few days to clear up any stubborn spots. Remember, you don’t need to apply it over your entire face, just in the sections that are affected. Crème Classique sells their Evening Mask for only R140 for a 50ml tube – definitely worth it!

But there’s more…

Crème Classique Soap Free Cleanser - By Megan KellyOther products that I have used and highly recommend is the Crème Classique Soap Free Cleanser, which is super gentle on the skin and works well to deep clean and even removes makeup. If you really struggle with cleansers, this one might just be your guy as it doesn’t leave your skin dry or itchy due to it being a non-irritating, paraben free, soap free cleanser for Acne and sensitive skins. Crème Classique even goes as far as suggesting that you can use their Soap Free Cleanser for shaving, if you struggle with itchiness after a usual shave.

Crème Classique Beta Hydroxy Gel - By Megan KellyI also used their Beta Hydroxy Gel. I , which really grew on me. I had only ever tried mechanical exfoliators which some skincare gurus completely swear against, so was happy to try Crème Classique‘s Beta Hydroxy Gel, as it is a chemical exfoliator and meant to be a lot gentler on the skin.  Chemical exfoliation achieves smoother looking skin, through chemical action by acids. Enzymes work to break down the lipids that act like glue to hold the dead skin cells together, and help exfoliating.

Wishlist Items

Whether you’re a new mom or just in need of a new skincare solutions, do yourself a favour and check out Crème Classique for simple, affordable and extensive skincare. Also, go check them out on Facebook!

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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    […] Earlier this week, I dished all about the affordable skincare solutions from Creme Classique, perfect to aid the hormonal changes as you enter motherhood. I’ve been slathering on their evening mask to help sort out a stress-induced breakout. The Crème Classique Evening Mask dries out pimples and draws out even the most stubborn blackheads. Surprisingly, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or flaky but seemed to only treat my acne prone skin, revealing gorgeously clear skin by the morning. The mask must be used overnight to give it enough time to really get in there and work its magic, and can be used for a few days to clear up any stubborn spots. […]

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