Pampers Premium Care - By Megan Kelly

[CLOSED] NEW Pampers Premium Care Nappies

Pampers Premium Care - By Megan Kelly

So we’re a little behind on the potty-training wagon, but much like everything, I have been told not to rush it and accept that boys can sometimes be lazy and will only really show any interest when they’re closer to three years old. In the meantime, I will continue wiping butts and trusting disposable nappies. Now that Axl is in full toddlerhood, his nappies seem to struggle to absorb effectively, often leaving his bum soaking in moisture and if not changed soon, very easily leads to a nasty nappy-rash.

Pampers got in touch with me and made some bold claims when they told me all about their new nappies. Better yet, they asked us to put it to the test AND choose FIVE of you to try them out too! They recently launched their new Pampers Premium Care product, which boasts new channel technology that distributes liquid evenly, avoiding a drooping or sagging nappy. They also went on to mention that they have made some pretty big improvements to the softness of their nappy. As a new mom, I didn’t ever consider these factors – I tried different brands until I found one that fitted well, didn’t leak and didn’t seem to make Axl uncomfortable. But now, 2 years later, I can’t think of anything worse than a saggy nappy that doesn’t absorb moisture. Actually, I can! I can think of something worse… when a nappy explodes it’s urine-soaked jelly beads all over your kitchen floor, following a clumsy toddler falling on his butt.Pampers Premium Care - By Megan Kelly

So Axl was invited to be one of the first in the country to become a Little Connoisseur of Softness. We were asked to try out the new range, document our experience and share it with you. We figured we’d also throw in a pack of nappies for FIVE of you to try too, because I know exactly how right now, you’re looking at some stunning winter boots but are comparing it to how many bags of nappies you could buy instead. Enter, win the nappies AND buy the boots.

So here’s our little video of us trying the Pampers Premium Care Nappies. We even got to play lab-assistant or rather, commercial-lady, where I got to cut up nappies and compare the blue liquid. Want to see?

I immediately noticed how much thinner, lighter and more flexible Pamper’s Premium Care nappies are, compared to other brands. I love how snug it fits around Axl’s legs, especially because I don’t wake up to my sheets soaked in urine. In fact, he sleeps better, wakes up dry and usually goes about his morning activities before needing a change. As I showed in the video, the new Pampers Premium Nappies absorb very quickly and hold A LOT without any problem! Saggy nappies are a thing of the past, with their new channel technology which helps even out the weight and prevents creating a bulge that’s bound to explode on impact. Lastly, the softness is amazing – soooo amazing that I would voluntarily wash my face with a nappy (if I could afford too, that is.) They get the thumbs up from this mom but Pampers wants to know – do you give them a thumbs up too?Pampers Premium Care - By Megan Kelly


Pampers have been so kind to sponsor a prize for FIVE of my readers. You could win your own pack of Pamper’s Premium Care Nappies and if you like, you can even try out your own experiment like I did.  All you need to do is follow the steps in the Raffle Copter below and remember to answer the simple question!

(competition opens on the 8th of June and closes on the 15th of June, winner(s) will be announced on social media and have 48 hours to claim prizes.)

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  • Ronnae Elliott
    Posted at 07:35h, 10 June Reply

    Size 2

  • rehana seedat
    Posted at 20:46h, 08 June Reply

    would love to win this for my newphew size 5 nappies needed

  • Cheryl-Ann Hendricks (@cheryleah)
    Posted at 14:15h, 08 June Reply

    My baby is 3weeks old and growing beautifully ? I’m totally inlove with her and want to give her the best ?

  • Sulika
    Posted at 10:31h, 08 June Reply

    My baby is due in 24 days and I still need a ot of nappies! eeeck

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