Daniel Wellington Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

Keep it classy and be on time with Daniel Wellington [PLUS PROMO CODE]

Daniel Wellington Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a few friends after taking a quick day trip. I was joking how anxiety-ridden I had become when the pilot kept apologizing for being delayed and knowing that I had a meeting afterwards, I was stressing about how late we were. Admittedly, I had no way of checking the time because I always rely on my cellphone and with cellphones not being allowed to be turned on, in flights, I sort of let my imagination run wild as to how late we could have been. Turns out, we weren’t even late (I still arrived before everyone else) but during the chat, a friend turned to me and lifted her arm and said, maybe you should get a watch? It seemed so obvious, yet I hadn’t even thought of it.Daniel Wellington Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

Watches have become somewhat insignificant in the digital life that we tend to lead. Whether it’s our laptops, phones, stoves, microwaves or even Smart TVs, they all keep the time for us. But still, after being hit with a dose of reality, I realize that watches are an essential and practical accessory that showcases your personal style while ensuring that you keep it classy and are always on time (unless you have a toddler).

Daniel Wellington invited me to order one of their watches and with my current realization that I needed to grow up and start wearing a watch, I was pretty excited by the opportunity. Now, I don’t know much about watches but Daniel Wellingtonn’s collection is so gorgeously perfect that it was hard to pick just one. Their designs are classic, simple and crisp, with the option to showcase your personal style through the choice of silver or rose gold faces, and an incredible variety of both leather and NATO interchangeable straps.

I may be ignorant on the subject of watches, but I do know someone who lives, breathes and speaks watch. Wesley, a friend of my husband’s, is a complete nerd when it comes to watches and happens to work in the industry too. When I asked him about Daniel Wellington‘s watches, I sort of expected a half thought out answer but what followed was passion and complete respect for the craftsmanship of the Daniel Wellington brand, “Daniel Wellington has only recently been introduced to South Africa in the last few months, it is highly recognized as not only a dress watch but thanks to its elegant and classy design it is also suitable for luxury attire. One of the greatest perks of owning aDaniel Wellington is that all of their pieces can be bought with both a leather and NATO strap, which gives the owner the freedom to easily switch between their classic or casual style. The watch boasts an excellent movement and at an affordable price.” Wesley went on to say that, “Owning a Daniel Wellington is not only owning a watch but owning a statement.  Yes, owning a watch was initially to tell the time, but in recent years, a simple timepiece has been transformed into the finishing touch to any outfit.”Daniel Wellington Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

Daniel Wellington‘s collection is limitless. They’re not only offering a range of watches that are suitable for both men and women but go on to give you the option to change the straps to suit your mood and style. Changing the straps doesn’t require special tools or much time, in fact I would go on to say that it quicker (and easier) than changing my kid’s nappy. Daniel Wellington embodies a classic and minimalist approach, while truly providing a style for every occasion.

Father’s Day is coming up and I can’t think of a better treat for your man, so why not use my Promo Code and get him a stylish and timeless watch from the Daniel Wellington collection, with the option to add on to his strap collection each year.

Daniel Wellington Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

Promo is only valid for 2 months and expires on the 30th of July 2016.


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