90'S grunge makeup - By Megan Kelly

Tutorial: 90’s Grunge Challenge

90'S grunge makeup - By Megan Kelly

A few months ago, the lovely ladies at Lovelierie challenged me to sharing my interpretation of 90’s Grunge. I gave it some thought and even pinned a few ideas, and from what I could tell, the look had some key components; crimson lips, eyeliner and metalic eyeshadow. I was born in the 90’s so didn’t really get to explore this decade’s beauty trends but from years of watching my mom do her own makeup, I remember the red-brick lipstick paired with smudged eyeliner, so figured that’s where I would start. Looking back at my photos, that I took for this tutorial, I admit I could have been a little more “rough” with the look but let’s just go with it and call it “When Glam meets Grunge.” Cool? Cool.

face products - By Megan Kelly

1 Cream Concealer Palette | 2. Oxygenetix Foundation with Acne Control [shade: Ivory] | 3. Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder [shade: Nude] | 4. Essence Pure Nude Concealer [shade: 10 – Pure Beige ] | 5. Essence Blush Ball [shade: 10 – Peach Candy] | 6. CATRICE Luminizing Bronzer [shade: C01 – New Bronze Age]

I knew that the main focus of this tutorial would be on my eyes, so I wanted to keep my face looking very simple, polished and minimal contouring. It’s believed that Grunge originated in Seattle, whether that’s true or not, judging from the little bit of research that I have done, makeup looks typically featured porcelain white skin, so to avoid red blotches, I did some colour correcting with my Aliexpress Cream Concealer Palette, afterwards I opted for my trusted Oxygenetix Foundation with Acne Control, which gives full coverage but also happens to be a shade lighter than my usual foundation so is a go-to in winter, when my skin is lighter. I love that this foundation treats the skin, allows it to breathe while still providing such a beautiful coverage. Next, I set my makeup with Revlon’s Colorstay Pressed Powder which is a complete game changer! I used to shy away from powder foundation because it would always clump up or make my skin look drier than usual. However, the Colorstay formulation smoothes out my skin and make it look SO… I want to say, “flawless” but that seems like I am being full of myself. I just love the texture and the way it makes my foundation look in addition to setting it and making it last a whole lot longer.

90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly

I didn’t want to chisel out my face like a Kardashian, so used my ultimate favourite bronzer from CATRICE which has an illuminating effect and a rosy-gold colour, instead of that dirty and muddy look that we’re all trying to avoid.  I lightly bronzed below my cheekbones, the sides of my forehead and below my jawline. Sticking to the porcelain white skin, I opted for a very light blush from Essence. I wasn’t too sure if I would like their new Blusher Ball but I really love the subtle glow that it gives and feel that it’s a more wearable highlighter. Lastly, to neaten up my bronzing, I used the Essence Pure Nude Concealer pen below my bronzer and on the bridge of my nose to lighten it and make my cheeks more striking without the darkness of contouring.

90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly

eyebrow products - By Megan Kelly

7. CATRICE Longlasting Brow Definer [shade: 030 – Chocolate Brow’nie] | 8. Eylure Brow Palette [shade: Dark Brown]

In a previous brow tutorial, I used quite a few more products than this one but I am trying to simplify my routine and have found that these two products are a power duo that I can’t deny. The CATRICE Brow Definer is a fine felt-tip pen that works great for redefining your brow shape and giving a much cleaner, sharper look. I over waxed the arches of my brows so love that this product helps give the illusion that I still have a good looking arch. Eylure has really brought their brow game with a range of products that exceeded my expectations. I mentioned the Brow Palette earlier this week, but love how it features a wax, shadow and highlighter to give your brows that daring look. I have been enjoying the look of a strong-brow so went for a very dark and dramatic look as oppose to a more natural, lighter brow.90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly

eye products - By Megan Kelly

10. Essence All About Roses Eyeshadow Palette | 11. Essence Mono Eyeshadow [shade: 21 – Keep Calm and Berry On. | 12. GOSH Shadow Collection [shade: 003 – To Play with In Vegas] | 13. Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow [shade: Gold Rush]| 14. CATRICE 3D Lash Multimizer | 15. Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow [shade: 15 – Hello Goldie!] | 16. CATRICE Liquid Metal Eyeshadow [shade: 020 – Gold ‘n Roses] | 17. CATRICE Smokey Eyes Pencil [shade: 10 – Please, Mauve Black!]

Well done on making it this far, here’s where the fun really begins. I started by using the muted rosey-nude colour (3rd colour in top row) from the Essence All about Roses, in the crease as a transition colour. Next, I built up the crease colour by using the Essence’s Mono Eyeshadow, which is a lovely blend of berry and maroon, to define the crease. Using the reddish-pink from the GOSH To Play with Vegas palette (2nd colour in bottom row), I blended out the darker maroon and started pulling the colour up and above the crease. I really wanted a pigmented metalic lid, so used my fingertip to combine both the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow and CATRICE Liquid Metal Eyeshadow to pack the colour on and intensify the glittery-gold.

90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly

Grunge immediately makes me think of a smoked out eyeliner and I absolutely love the CATRICE Smokey Eye Pencil which has the faintest touch of glitter (not chunky, gross glitter – smooth, flattering glitter). The pencil is soft, almost like a kajal and blends beautifully with the use of the brush that is included. I drew the line outward and up, before smudging the end inward towards the crease. I used a fine-tip liquid eyeliner pen to create a flick that wouldn’t move. Using the same Smokey Eye Pencil from CATRICE, I lined 3 quarters of my waterline before smudging it out and using a fine brush to dust Elizabeth Arden’s Gold Rush eyeshadow to sort of ombre the colour out, so that it isn’t too harsh and doesn’t take away from the top lid. To complete the look, I used CATRICE’s 3D Lash Multimizer Mascara which defines lashes and adds dimension by fanning them out.

90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly 90s Grunge - By Megan Kelly

Lip products - By Megan Kelly

18. Rimmel Provocalips [shade: 230 – Kiss Fatal] | 19. Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Velvet Matte [shade: 17- Hot Brownie]90s Grunge makeup - By Megan Kelly

The look is pulled together with a layer of Rimmel’s Provocalips which is a longlasting pigmented lipstick that really has to be scrubbed off, it’s THAT good. I wanted to stick with a crimson lip, so reached for my latest addition, the Velvet Matt Longlasting gloss from Essence in Hot Brownie.

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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