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[#365BeautyTips] Sample Test: Fragrances

The thirteenth week of #365BeautyTips has come to an end and as promised, I have put together a round-up post which puts all the beauty tips, shared this week, in one place. The idea is to share any extra information and answer the questions that you may have asked on my social media posts. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with my 365 days of beauty challenge, then follow me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


Fragrance Reviews - By Megan Kelly



I started the week by sniffing the ever sweet Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Parfums described as the fragrance that moves you, which was first launched in 2012 and named after a fashion collection of pleated materials that moved with you, featuring bright bursts of colour. Just as the collection, the fragrance has bursts of scents that are devilishly sweet following fruity, floral and wood notes with a dominant pear scent. The fragrance is strong yet still flirty and feminine with fresh floral touches of peonies and at the heart of it all, you can expect the light scents of vanilla. Not sure if I’d purchase a full-size bottle as it’s initially quite strong but as it wears, the softer notes of vanilla and white musk win me over. Hmm, perhaps a special occasion sort of fragrance?


Chloé Love Story - By Mean KellyThis scent is relatively new to SA shores and its story is as captivating as it’s scent. Chloé Love Story is inspired by the romance of Paris with the bottle making reference to the love padlocks on the bridge of the Pont des Arts. The scent is fresh and crisp with notes of citrus fruits, Neroli oil and Orange Blossom. The middle notes introduce the smallest hint of rose with the base notes being musky. I quite like this scent for an everyday spring fragrance as it’s a light, crisp and uplifting.


Reve Eliixir Van Cleef & Arpels: By Megan KellyReve Eliixir Van Cleef & Arpels is a fresh and feminine fragrance with notes of pear and peach blossom. While the base of this fragance is woody-based, it’s the heart of the fragrance that sets it apart with enchanting wild flowers like frangipani, lily and one of my favourites, iris. You may notice that just like Pleats Please by Issey Miyake, this also includes pear as one of its main notes which I have found has a strong punch at first spritz, but as the day goes on, the fragrance wears down to a delicate scent. It’s an uplifting perfume and definitely one that I didn’t expect to like as much as I do.


Bvlgari Aqva Amara - By Megan KellyWell.. this was unexpected! I didn’t sniff the samples when I took the photos, for the sake of giving a proper first impression. So when I sniffed Bvlgari Aqva Amara, I was like, hmmm – it’s sort of masculine. Good thing I checked to find that it is, in fact, for men (Here’s to having a good nose on me). So this fragrance is for him, but that’s okay, we’re just going to roll with it okay? The scent is fresh and citrusy, paying tribute to its Mediterranean roots, while still keeping with the aquatic character – is that a thing? I don’t know how else to tell you that there is something sea-like, island-breeze about it (I think AQVA gave it away, oh, isn’t that a fancy word?). There is no denying that it is a distinctive scent that oozes luxury without making you feel like it is too fancy to be worn every day. I don’t know, someone might just get this for Father’s Day, after all.


My Burberry - By Megan KellyThis fragrance is inspired by the infamous Burberry trench coat and fittingly named, ‘My Burberry.’ The scent encaptures a walk in a London garden just after the fresh summer rain with sweet, floral notes like sweet peas and citrusy notes of bergamot leading to geranium and freesia flowers. The fragrance has a lasting patchouli scent with an undeniable hint of rose. I really like this flirty scent and am strongly considering a full-size purchase. I think of all the scents so far, this is by far my favourite. It’s light, fresh, feminine and long lasting. Who knows, I may just have discovered my signature scent.


Eau de Lacoste - By Megan KellyEau de Lacoste is a sweet treat that embodies the spirit of a Lacoste woman with a warm combination of citrusy fruits like mandarin and a heavy focus on pineapple. At the heart of the scent, there is even more citrusy blends which include orange blossom and pineapple blossom. The scent is a very rich blend and not my typical day to day fragrance but there’s definitely something very familiar about it and I am sure someone I know wears this as their signature scent, which smells heavenly on them.


Gucci Guilty - By Megan KellyGucci Guilty is a seductive fragrance for a night on the town. I find the scent to be a nice balance between floral and a pinch of spice, with mandarin and pink pepper as its top notes. This scent isn’t your typical everyday scent and definitely more suitable for the evenings, it’s glamorous and daring while still remaining feminine – it’s for the fierce ladies!

That wraps up the sample test. My Burberry (Day 95) has been my utmost favourite scent and I may just save up for the R700 fragrance that is available from WOOLWORTHS.

And that is a wrap on the last 7 days. Whoop-Whoop! Remember that I love any feedback – what have you enjoyed seeing, what would you like to see more of and perhaps if you have any suggestions, questions or products you would like me to chat more about. I really enjoyed the themed days – what themes would you like to see next?

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