LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

Why kids should be playing LEGO video games

LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

Seeing my son play with LEGO pieces sends me right back to my childhood, spending hours with my cousins fighting over what we should collectively build next and just like the LEGO car or house that we were building, the same LEGO blocks built the foundation of my fondest memories with my family.

LEGO is famously known to be the most imaginative toys for kids (and adults – no shame!) encouraging creative play, bonding between parents, friends and families, all while building fine motor skills and keeping them busy for hours at a time. The LEGO video games are no different and nothing quite excites children like seeing their favourite movie characters come alive in the form of LEGO!

For years now, there’s been the great debate of whether we should be allowing kids to play video games or not. I happen to plan children’s video game parties all across the US, so I may be a little biased but in my three years of doing so, I have learnt that the benefits of playing video games outweigh the perceived cons, by a great proportion.

So why should you be encouraging your kids to play the LEGO video games?LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

1.    LEGO Video Games encourage the development of social skills

Besides LEGO Video Games being a great way for your children and their friends to socialize and have fun, the games also teach kids to work together as a team. In fan favourites like LEGO® Marvel Avengers, it’s up to you to play as the most powerful Super Heroes and work together in your quest to save the world. Team work is all about effective communication and the hubster and I decided to put the theory to the test in a game of LEGO® Lord of The Rings, which I can confirm is a great form of couple’s therapy. I especially like that when I hit his character over the head, he breaks into tiny LEGO pieces and will admit that for a while it was my quest to just hit him over the head, that was until he found a horse and could outrun me.

2.    LEGO Video Games teach positive reinforcement

Throughout LEGO Video Games, your character is given quests to run around completing, adding to the story but also teaching children positive reinforcement. Each quest comes with its own set of difficulties and of course pack rewards. What I also like is that it helps children deal with losing – I know that, that sounds harsh, but I think it is just as important to learn how to handle failure, as it is to celebrate success and the reward of hard work. It also teaches kids that if you can’t do it the first time, to try again until you succeed, making it less likely that they’ll give up on conquering their goals, from an early age.

LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

3.    LEGO Video Games teach problem-solving skills

As mentioned, throughout the LEGO Video Game collection, you can expect to complete various tasks that will have your kids strategically thinking in hopes of getting that much closer to completing the story (and buying the next game). These problem-solving skills will develop as they delve into the virtual world of LEGO, teaching them to process information quicker, think quick and act fast!

4.    LEGO Video Games give us the opportunity to bond as a family

I think this is by far my favourite reason why our family plays LEGO video games. The entire collection is fun for everyone and includes something for all ages. I know for sure that LEGO will be keeping us and the kiddo entertained for many years to come.  As I had mentioned, Darren and I have even deemed it the best sort of couple’s therapy. Axl’s entire face lights up whenever he sees the LEGO games come out to be played! We all get involved as we excitedly pick our characters and work together, to overcome Darth Vader in one of the many LEGO® Star Wars video games.LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

4 Reasons that parents WANT their kids to play LEGO video games?

Just for laughs and giggles, I compiled a list of some more REAL reasons why we play LEGO video games in this house.

  1. Clean up is a whole lot easier
  2. You won’t be stepping on any LEGO pieces
  3. You can sneak away to read a book, take a shower or, you know… time with your significant other.
  4. You have an excuse to buy more LEGO Video Games (this is true for all LEGO related products! We’re huge fans – HUGE!)LEGO video games - By Megan Kelly

I dare you and your family to try your first LEGO video game marathon, this winter holiday. Believe me, you too will start wishing to be a bright yellow guy, who can break into a thousand little LEGO pieces at any time, exploring incredible worlds and taking on bad guys.

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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