Ways Microsoft Office 365 2016 helps manage my blog [PLUS FREE PRINTABLE: BLOG PLANNER]

It seems that we’re all after the same thing: the next app that will take your life from chaotic to productive. But what if I told you that the secret to a productive approach in both work and life is hidden in the ever reliable Microsoft Office 2016.

I know, I know, this isn’t a grade 6 project anymore, this is serious “work stuff” and we need software that’s going to address all our needs. That’s just the thing, Microsoft Office 365 has been doing just that for years, and now with its ability to seamlessly sync and go wherever you go, across all your devices, you too will begin to see how Microsoft Office 2016 is changing the way that you do work.

When I was first approached to work on this campaign, I really didn’t want to give you a boring review that would be packed with tech information that no one cares for. So instead, I decided that I would show you how I incorporate the new Microsoft Office 2016 to help manage my blog.

Stick around until the end to receive your FREE blog planner printable (which I created in Microsoft Word).

Let your Microsoft Office experience be an extension of you

You know how we all have that pair of good comfy shoes that goes with absolutely nothing in your wardrobe? Well, in versions before, Microsoft Office 365 was sort of like that good pair of shoes. It was dedicated but didn’t really express your personal style. In the spirit of “out with the old and in with the new” you now have the ability to set a theme across your entire Microsoft Office Suite with the option to pick from Dark and Dark Gray themes that provide high contrast and are easier on the eyes or choose a bright Colourful theme which gives the platform a fresh modern look. Dare to define your Microsoft Office 365 experience to suit you and your personal style!

Tell me what you’d like to do next?

I have been using Microsoft Office 365 since before I could add or subtract. Yes, I am a massive nerd and nothing excites me more than tackling a new Microsoft Excel worksheet. But I get it, not everybody has the time to become an Excel Pro. With their new “Tell Me Quickly” feature, which works across the entire Office Suite, you don’t need to break out in sweats, just type what you’re looking for, and they’ll pop up a list of commands that best suit your search.

For instance, if you’re not too sure how to work out the average of your monthly page visits, type “average” and it’ll pop up with the suggestion to use “auto-sum” mouse over the option and it’ll pop up with the “average” formula and do all the maths for you!

Make reports pretty with automatic graphs

Microsoft Office #TheNewOffice- By Megan KellyA picture says a thousand words, right? So let the wide variety of modern charts and graphs from Microsoft Excel do all the talking for you. I created my entire media kit in Microsoft Word but started to notice that it was looking more like a novel than an infographic. I typed in a few stats into Microsoft Excel, chose a pie-chart of my liking and ta-da! Instead of boring brands with figures, I have displayed my stats in an engaging way, incorporating eye-catching graphics that require no effort at all.

Don’t know what an invoice should look like? No worries!

It may seem silly, but when I first started working on campaigns, I completely overlooked the fact that I would need to invoice for the work that I had done. Well, what goes into an invoice? I didn’t know but thankfully, Microsoft Office 2016 has a wide selection of templates that range from business invoices, fax letterheads, personal budgets and even wedding planners. There are so many templates available (absolutely free) that I have had to stop myself from trying to organize everything including a database of which movies we’ve watched (there’s a template for that, too!)

Collaborate with others

Microsoft Office #TheNewOffice- By Megan KellyIf you’re wanting to work on a project with fellow bloggers in the community, then you will love the ability to co-authorise. Using real-time co-authoring, fellow bloggers can contribute and edit documents simultaneously in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. It gives you the ability to see where your friends are working in the document so that you don’t create conflicts as you edit together. I love how this feature makes the world seem smaller, bringing communities together to collaborate on bigger projects without the headaches that usually comes along with it.

Presenting like a pro

If you’re not so sure how you’re going to pull off your next pitch or campaign proposal, start with Microsoft PowerPoint. The PowerPoint Designer delivers high quality customized presentations that maximize the impact of your proposal, in just two easy steps: Add an image and pick your favourite, that’s it.  Just like the rest of the Office Suite, PowerPoint integrates with the other application offerings, allowing you to seamlessly display those fancy charts that I had mentioned earlier.

My office goes wherever I go

Possibly one of my favourite features is that my office goes wherever I go, this is especially beneficial when using Microsoft OneNote, which allows you to clip information, pictures, videos and voice recordings from the web, e-books and other digital sources. It lets you go crazy with handwritten notes, highlighters and even little “star stickers,” exactly like a notebook, only it’s digital! I have a dedicated blog “notebook” to research new topics, keep track of sources and write down my 2 am ideas, without having to search for a pen but rather just using my cell phone.

Pick up from where you left off on any device with the ability to roam your recent files. Also, thanks to Microsoft’s cloud storage software: OneDrive, I can access documents on the go and work on them which is especially helpful when you’ve noticed a grammar mistake, or want to work on a proposal but find yourself in the car waiting to fetch the kid’s from school.

Trial it for yourself, you’ll never want to go back.

Like what I have shared? Great, you can trial Microsoft Office 2016 for yourself!


Unlike before, Office isn’t only for the office or work-place.  Microsoft has designed a suite of applications to fit in with your lifestyle, no matter what it includes. I decided to show you just how creative you can be with Microsoft Office 365, by creating my own blog planner, free to download!

Free blog planner: By Megan Kelly



  • 2016 Calendar
  • Monthly Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Post Planner with checklist
  • Stats Tracker
  • Contact Page

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