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Life Lately: Axl says kisses are dead and so are the planes

Axl has exploded with personality these last few months and every time that I try sitting down to write and share some of the things that he has recently come up with, he starts with something new. I haven’t written an update about him in such a long time, which is a both a good and bad thing. You see, there was a period of time where I felt that I was so caught up in trying to capture the moment on camera that I would completely forget to just enjoy and soak up the latest milestone or appreciate how great my kid truly is. So I am grateful that I have learnt to step away from the camera phone every now-and-then but I also owe it to my friends and family, who rely on my blog as a way of keeping up with what we’re currently doing.

For the last few months, Darren and I have been playing with the idea of sending Axl to pre-school, so that I can focus a few hours on getting some work done, uninterrupted. But after a lot of back and fourth, we’ve both opted to keeping him at home, with us. If anything, I will enlist granny to taking him for a playdate which he always adores. So for now, there will be no school.

If you don’t already know, Axl is still breastfed. Yes, he will be 2 in February and no, I am in no rush to wean him. Admittedly, I get frustrated when he is feeding just for the sake of feeding or because he is bored but then he also wants the comfort and quiet-time, alone with momma, which leaves me feeling horribly guilty for the times that I get impatient. Breastfeeding, in my family, seems to have an expiration date that never exceeds 2 years, in fact, my mom said just the other day, “you will have to wean him soon” and while I know she meant nothing by it, I also felt a knife strike at my heart when I realized that sometime soon, we will have our last feed.

Axl has learnt to communicate with us in his whiny and hilariously funny way. Though his vocabulary can be limited at times, with the use of hand gestures, whining and ferociously pointing and grabbing at things, we usually figure out what he wants rather quickly. I will say that it’s a lot easier understanding him now than when he was a baby, crying non-stop because of wind.

His imagination is the absolute best! I can sit for hours just watching him create games by himself. He loves playing with planes and has to make the “wooooooooooo” sound while zipping them around the house. Sometimes, he gets creative and uses his gun, and while flying the plane with one hand, he shoots it down with the other before proclaiming, “DEAD!” He just got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle playset and has to make the karate sounds that comes with their high-kicks and occasionally, they get hugs and kisses, too. His favourite toys to cuddle, love and kiss is his Barney which is almost the same size as him! Oh and his little Hushpuppy which woof-woofs everywhere with Barney.

Raising a son is so different to what I had pictured and I can’t help but feel judged when he chooses to play with guns and runs around shooting everyone, screaming “dead.” Truth is, we never showed him guns but one day he was crying, while pointing at the “L” from the wooden letters that forms his name, on his bedroom door. So I gave in and gave it to him, and before I knew it, he spun it around and was running around, shooting things. He likes playing cops and robbers – and that’s okay. I have learnt to leave it be. Just like I leave him to do his makeup, while I do mine. When I was a kid, I liked playing different imaginative games, some days saw my cousins and me reenacting weddings, playing school-school, shop-shop, beauty salon, doctor-doctor and even Batman and Robin, where we jumped between buildings (two single beds, in a small room) and shot at things.

I love having a son though, we can go from shooting things, hiding from one another and crashing planes into the bath to sweet cuddles, back scratches and rubbing cream on my legs, within minutes. He really likes to crawl into my arms at night while he sleeps and gives me so many hugs throughout the day, but he can be a little stingy with those kisses!

Axl has also just discovered YouTube. Okay, before you get your panties in a bunch, I have downloaded the Kiddie-friendly version. My smart-ass kid knows exactly how to unlock everyone’s phones, call granny, grandpa, Aunty Chel and Ash. He also likes watching toy unboxing videos, playing games and looking for planes.

There are hundreds of things that I want to share, and I know that I am forgetting loads. For instance, the way he has to empty his toy holders, so that he can wear it as a hat and ride his bike. He also happens to do this with a bucket, but refuses to wear an actual hat. He has become so much like me, when I was a kid, in the way that he hates the feeling of anything messing on him, wet clothes, or dirty feet. In fact, he not only cleans his own feet, but if he sees mine are dirty, he will get wipes to clean them. He doesn’t like loud noises and still panics when the vacuum or blender is used. He loves playing ball, sliding, swimming – OH SWIMMING!

December saw us swimming at granny’s, a lot. Axl is a fish in the water, he kicks so hard that I am pretty sure if I were brave enough to let him go, he would doggie paddle on his own. I really want to take him for lessons in Autumn, so that by next summer, he can swim on his own without us having to hold him. He has no fear and loves jumping off the edge of the pool for daddy to catch him, or riding Scout while the poor dog tries retrieving all the frisbees.

I think that’s a round up of the latest. I have really enjoyed the beauty of each of his stages, but am especially loving this one. I could eat him up, with all his cheekiness, quirks and more. I won’t deny it though, his shopping-tantrums are enough for me to sugar-binge but other than that he is absolutely gorgeous in every way.

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I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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  • ella
    Posted at 16:36h, 20 January Reply

    He is so adorable, i feel like I know him through your posts 🙂 very much like my one with guns and imagination games 🙂

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