Kelloggs Breakfast for Better Days - By Megan Kelly

Kelloggs’ Breakfast for Better Days: #PowerOfBreakfast

My blog has afforded me some really great opportunities but one that truly stands out and makes me feel so proud to be part of, is the Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better Days initiative which has encouraged me not only to give back but to be the difference and start taking action!

Did you know that one in five children, in South Africa, go to school everyday without having eaten breakfast? Being hungry is a truly horrible feeling that I would never wish upon anyone. I am not talking about the hunger where you have the nibbles and feel like stuffing your face with all the bad stuff. I am talking about the hunger that makes your stomach grumble so loud that it sounds like a whale may have crawled up in there and is demanding to be fed. Being hungry affects the ability to concentrate and in many cases means that children do not attend school at all. The sad reality is that hunger is stopping children from getting an education and in the long run affects their futures and our country’s future.

Given the shocking statistics, Kelloggs’ launched the Breakfast for Better Days initiative, back in 2014, to help alleviate hunger in school children. Since starting the campaign we have served over 8 million breakfasts and continue to do whatever we can to help children and their communities by sharing the Power of Breakfast and giving them the right start to their day!

This year, I was asked to get involved and be part of this outstanding initiative. Last week, I took to the streets of Port Elizabeth where I handed out sandwhiches, apples and yoghurt to the local members of our community. And later this week, I will be leading a foodie workshop helping the children of an underprivileged community make treats with Kellogg’s products.

This campaign has pulled at my heart strings and has reminded me of how lucky and fortunate I truly am! I haven’t seen a face light up so bright, the way that theirs did, when I handed out lunches. They were so grateful and truly appreciated just being spoken to and me asking them how they were doing. I realized that even our street vendors, who are only trying to make a living, are often met with animosity as we tend to forget that they have a family back at home and that they are only trying their best.

I nominate you!

We at Kellogg’s  nominate YOU to reach out in ANYWAY you can– dropping off breakfast at a nearby shelter, or your local old age home – film your act of kindness, and share on twitter with the hashtags #WorldFoodDay and #PowerofBreakfast and encourage others to do the same.

Go on, be part of the difference and give someone the right start to their day!

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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