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I honestly have so much to get through, today but I was lying in bed thinking this morning. I have mentioned before how Darren and I have only ever discussed having one child and I only have a short time with Axl, so instead of always putting everything else first, I need to sit back and evaluate what is really important today.

I noticed the other morning, that Axl isn’t only cutting his top two teeth but is in fact cutting all 4 teeth on the top! Teething has got to be one of the worst things, I once read that if adults had to teeth, we wouldn’t survive the pain, it is that bad! You see, babies don’t know any better and just have to go with it. And that is exactly what Axl is doing.

He has started this new thing. Whenever you have upset him, he will stare at you blankly and cry. Almost as if to say, look at what you did, you are the reason that this baby is the saddest baby on the earth. Seriously, I thought that it was just by chance the first few times but it has become his thing.

Last night, I asked Darren to hold Axl, who had fallen asleep, while I finish up with dinner. As I handed him over, Axl woke up. The kid hates when Darren even thinks of trying to put him to sleep, so I didn’t expect to come back to anything more than a grumpy baby. Instead, though, as I walk towards the room, I see Axl resting peacefully in his dad’s arms, while Darren rocks him. And then it happened. Darred shhhed him and Axl responded by hitting his dad’s cheek several times, almost as if to say, “you’re not my mommy, stop trying to be mommy, don’t shhh me!”  The best part was how hard Darren laughed, the timing was just too perfect not to share a good laugh about.

He is crawling everywhere now and has even started hitting his ball a long, before trailing behind it and hitting it again. I love watching how he will go from one toy to the next, choosing his favourites.

And for the big news…

For a few weeks now, Darren and I have been pretty sure that Axl says “hey.” But I always kind of thought that he is too young to be speaking. However, there are a few times, where he will annunciate the word perfectly and in our house, we do say “hey” a lot more than hello. Then last week, Axl woke us up by saying “mmmom.” Again, Darren and I just shrugged our shoulders, thinking it was a coincidence that it sounded like “mom.” But every morning since, he wakes up saying “mmmom” repetitively. Two days ago, I left him in the room and heard him calling out for “mmmom” and when I got back, he kept saying it with a big smile on his face. And then this morning, all was confirmed, when he started struggling with the “om” part, so when he was building up the “mmmm” I said “mom” to which he responded, clear as daylight, no coincidence, “MOM!”

And… I recorded it! Here it is…

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  • Heather
    Posted at 05:13h, 25 October Reply

    Ag man do you ever have the cutest baby!

  • Butterfly837
    Posted at 11:51h, 23 October Reply

    He is adorable, very content & happy 🙂 Clever baby boy!

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